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BetAmerica Affiliates Review

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Editor Review
Alfredo Villalobos
March 22, 2022

BetAmerica Affiliates is the official affiliate program for BetAmerica Casino. This is an affiliate program that focuses on the players that reside within the American borders. Any webmaster that is able to catch the eyes of players from this territory can join this affiliate platform for free at any desired time.

The brand focuses on Horse racing, but there are other sports events available to wager on too. This online casino is quite popular within the United States of America, allowing the partners to allure new players more easily. Apart from the betting options available, BetAmerica Casino has special deals and bonuses available so that the users can make the most out of the site and increase their winnings effortlessly on a regular basis.

The affiliate platform is powered by Income Access, a high-quality affiliate software that has been satisfying advertisers and affiliates since 2004. The system is efficient in all aspects, providing the marketers with top notch detailed reports that allow the promoters to check out their overall performance and that of their referrals.

Despite the many interesting features that Income Access provides for the affiliate programs that implement it, it must be mentioned that BetAmerica Affiliates has always looked to be a simple yet reliable affiliate platform. Therefore, it does not offer a wide variety of marketing tools to choose from.

It has simple text tracking links and banners available to the registered affiliates so that they can bring as many new players as they can to the brand. No fancy marketing material is granted to the marketers on BetAmerica Affiliates. Customizable material is not an option either. The affiliates must stick to the use of the minimalistic tools available on this platform.

The commission structure is based on the net gaming revenue of the referred players. The minimum rate is set at 30% on revenue shares per month. But, the most dedicated partners can request to earn up to 40% on revenue shares each and every month.

BetAmerica Affiliates carries over all negative figures, meaning that the webmasters are advised to be extremely careful when it comes to their balances. This is due to the fact that this policy may prevent the affiliates from generating extra income in more than one single processing period. If the standard commission structure is not compelling for the partners, they have the possibility of discussing a CPA deal with the account managers. These are special modules that are granted to the affiliates that provide the affiliate program and its brand with good quality traffic.

BetAmerica Affiliates offers up to $50 per qualifying player as part of its CPA deals. Hybrid schemes are available on this affiliate program as well. The rates granted on the hybrid models are different since the webmaster would be making extra income through two separated commission plans at the same time.

As for the withdrawals, they are processed through various payment methods. The only currency that BetAmerica Affiliates works with is the United States Dollar (USD). The payments are sent quite slowly though, taking up to 45 days.