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Welcome to the global list of affiliate programs database. You can use the filters to drilldown into detailed categories. Otherwise you can sort through our most popular affiliate niches such as casino, sports betting, SEO affiliate programs, SaaS and high paying programs.

Affiliate Program
Software Commissions Available in StatsDrone API Support Category
Pin-Up Partners
Pin-Up Partners Proprietary

30% - 50% Revenue Share / 25EUR - 50EUR CPA

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
P8 Partners
P8 Partners ReferOn

50% Revenue Share / 350 EUR CPA

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Bombastic Partners
Bombastic Partners MyAffiliates

30% - 40% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
1win Partners
1win Partners OneWin

50% - 60% Revenue Share / 200 EUR CPA

Yes No Gambling Review Join
Affter Affiliates
Affter Affiliates Proprietary

25% - 45% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Slotland Affiliates
Slotland Affiliates Cellxpert

25% - 50% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Roobet Affiliates
Roobet Affiliates Cellxpert

25% - 35% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Wild Tornado Partners
Wild Tornado Partners SoftSwiss

30% - 50% Revenue Share / 300 EUR CPA

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Deckmedia Proprietary

30% - 45% Revenue Share

Yes No Gambling Review Join
7StarsPartners ReferOn

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
ReadyCasino Affiliates
ReadyCasino Affiliates SoftSwiss

20% - 45% Revenue Share

Receive 60% revenue share for 4 months and no negative carryover
Yes Yes Gambling Review Join

Welcome to the global list of affiliate programs page. The listings here is where you can start your journey in affiliate marketing to find affiliate programs to join.

What is StatsDrone?

StatsDrone is an affiliate stats and affiliate CRM tool that helps affiliates organize all the data that exists in the affiliate programs they work with. StatsDrone grabs the data through scraping or API and helps you know how much money you've made today, yesterday, this month, last month and for as many years you've been tracking your data.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is what you need to get credit for your sale. Links are necessary for the affiliate program to know that you as the affiliate sent a referral over. When the referral clicks on your tracking link, the will show affiliate sales and commissions generated. You can get marketing campaigns in these affiliate dashboard backends connected to your unique affiliate link.

Your affiliate manager

Most The best affiliate marketing programs will have qualify affiliate managers representing their program. The sad reality is that the best affiliate managers only work for a few programs.

There doesn't seem to be any college or university degrees for affiliate management training however there are a few affiliate manager courses.

Here's my tip for dealing with most affiliate managers. Most of them don't understand your business and they might ask or demand top exposure, usually on the homepage.

Affiliate Marketing Industry

Affiliate marketing is something that anybody can get into. What is enticing about affiliate marketing is the ability to work for yourself and work from home (WFH). Many of the established review sites that you see today all started from people working from a home office. They started this without any online courses in affiliate marketing and with less competition. Over the years, their affiliate income has been rising where my affiliates got starting building their affiliate sites. In the early 2000s there were not as many affiliate programs available as today.

Some of the earlier affiliate programs and affiliate networks that existed were the likes of the Amazon Associates program, the eBay partner network, ShareASale, Clickbank and

There were not a lot of affiliate marketing conferences around with the exception of 2 events that are now major events today.

Affiliate Marketing Conferences

We know the 2 major affiliate marketing conferences are Affiliate Summit and Affiliate World.

These affiliate conferences started off small but grew into major events that attract the who's who of affiliate marketing today.

In the background were SEO conferences that although they focused on search engine optimization, they still had people attending so they could improve. That is improve their SEO skills to translate into more traffic for their own websites.

Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Of course we can't talk about affiliate marketing podcasts without mentioning our very own Affiliate BI podcast hosted by yours truly.

Surprisingly enough, when we started the Affiliate BI podcast, I didn't think there were enough podcasts in affiliate marketing today. That said I'm still going to list a selection of affiliate podcasts that I think are worth listening to. In no particular order but here they are:

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
  2. Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper
  3. AWIN Talks
  4. Affiliated by ClickBank
  5. Niche Pursuits with Spencer Haws

Keep in mind that when you're searching for affiliate marketing podcasts, you'll find plenty of shows but many of them are not all active. I'm always looking for active shows but overall there are not too many that zero in on the affiliate game.

High ticket affiliate programs

Some affiliates are looking for volume when it comes to making sales while others care about a higher commission earned. There are a few ways in which some companies define what a high ticket affiliate program is. Some say it is a very large commission that could exceed $1000 for a single sale. Others might consider lower CPAs in the $200+ range and also include recurring revenue share. With recurring revenue share deals, you can make continuous commissions from a player.

Surfer SEO affiliate program

I wrote this article using the Surfer SEO content writing tool. I write most of my important articles as it helps me know what content and keywords I should be focusing on. I've got this program mentioned as one of the SEO affiliate programs to cover.

Simply put, Surfer SEO is a great tool for webmasters and affiliates alike.

Software for your affiliate marketing program

This section is more for the affiliate managers and companies looking to setup an affiliate program. At StatsDrone, you might notice that we explicitly state the affiliate software used by an affiliate program or an affiliate network. We do this for a few reasons but the main reason is that some affiliates will prefer to work with an affiliate program that has a software they like and trust. A few examples of this might be software like MyAffiliates and ReferOn in iGaming, Reditus and PartnerStack in SaaS or Everflow or Affise for affiliate networks.

If you need help deciding an affiliate software to choose for launching your affiliate program or have questions about migrating from one affiliate program software to another, reach out to us. At StatsDrone, we have integrations with a lot of affiliate platforms so we have a very good idea of which programs are good, have excellent support and advanced features that matter for affiliates.

What is an affiliate network?

Affiliate networks are companies or people that work as an agent on behalf of affiliates and on behalf of an operator that runs an affiliate program.

What are the benefits for affiliates to use an affiliate network?

  • One payment method
  • One affiliate manager
  • Better deals

To summarize the benefits of working with affiliate networks, affiliates can get better commissions negotiated by the network itself. If you normally worked with 50 different affiliate programs, a network can reduce those 50 contacts to one where you're not chasing payment from 50 programs, you do it with one company.

How do affiliate networks make money?

Affiliate networks will take a cut of your revenue but do in a way that you don't feel the pain. Here is a quick example.

Without an affiliate network, you might have a deal like $50 CPA or 20% revenue share, the affiliate network will negotiate a deal for their network for something like $100 CPA or 35% revenue share. They would come back to you as the publisher, aka affiliate, and give you a $75 CPA deal or a 30% revenue share deal. The network would take $25 CPA in the CPA example or 5% of the revenue share commission for recurring revenue.

Some affiliate networks operate strictly on a sub-affiliate model only. This is where the affiliate program will be an average of 5% commission of what their referred affiliates earn. Overall this is less common because many sub affiliates want more control over the revenue data likely because of trust issues.

The more the network has successful affiliates in their ecosystem, the more they benefit so they have an incentive for helping you.

What is a sub-affiliate?


Others will call this sub affiliates or sub affiliation. Sub affiliate networks are perhaps a bit more common through affiliate managers where an affiliate manager says they represent a brand but end up representing numerous brands.

How many affiliate networks are there on the market?

I asked a few affiliate network software platforms and off the record, a few of them told me it was 5000 to 7000. There are certainly signs of this data everywhere in the number of clients that some affiliate networks publish. When you look at alternatives for Everflow or Alternatives for Affise, you'll keep learning about more and more affiliate network platforms.

Types of Affiliates

What are the types of affiliates that exist? We have the full list of traffic channels that we can think of.

  1. Coupon & cashback
  2. Influencers
  3. Review sites
  4. PPC affiliate
  5. SEO affiliate
  6. Email marketing affiliate
  7. Streamers
  8. Video
  9. Refer a friend (RAF)

Affiliate Marketing Niche

What are all the niches in affiliate marketing? Here are all the niche affiliate program categories.

  • SEO
  • SaaS
  • Affiliate networks
  • Gambling
  • Finance
, June 1, 2022