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Up to 50% on revenue shares
Editor Review
Alfredo Villalobos
March 22, 2022

Brand Affiliates works as the official affiliate program for Incredible Spins Casino and Target Slots Casino. This is a regulated and licensed affiliate platform in the United Kingdom. The site wishes to make long-term partnerships with anyone looking to generate extra income in exchange for high-value promotions.

The brands sponsored by Brand Affiliates accept players that reside within the United Kingdom only. Sadly, no players from other territories are permitted to join any of these online casinos, so the webmasters that decide to join this affiliate program must be able to attract the attention of British players at all times.

Those that do not allure new customers from the United Kingdom and still apply to join Brand Affiliates will have their applications denied immediately. The affiliate software implemented by Brand Affiliates is efficient and reliable in most aspects, allowing the marketers to access their stats as well as detailed reports on a daily basis. The stats are updated once a day. However, they can check them out at any moment.

The affiliate platform is mobile-friendly too. Thus, the affiliates may go ahead and use it from their phones and tablets without any issues whatsoever. There is no need to download an app, either. It is all done from any mobile internet browser.

As for the commission structure, Brand Affiliates has an interesting standard deal that grants the promoters several tiers. The rates go according to the number of new first-time depositors that the partner is able to bring to any of the brands in a particular month.

 The marketers can earn from 25% up to 50% on revenue shares per month. On top of that, negative balances do not carry over to following months, giving the affiliates the chance to move on from annoying negative figures easily and quickly at the beginning of a new processing period.

 On the other hand, the webmasters must be aware of the high-roller policy that is applied to all the commission structures. All the customers that generate £2,000 or more are considered high-rollers and their gaming revenue carries over to subsequent months up until future losses even out the balance.

Sadly, this high-roller policy is not up for discussion on this affiliate program. It is a rule that all affiliates must accept if they wish to join Brand Affiliates.

 Additionally, Brand Affiliates has no alternative commission plans available to the marketers, meaning that no CPA deals or Hybrid models can actually be activated on this affiliate program, forcing the webmasters to abide by the terms and conditions of the basic agreement.

If the partners have any questions regarding Brand Affiliates or its brands, they may reach out to the account managers. They are willing to assist the users at any given moment of the day. They can also provide the marketers with advices on how to improve their performance and increase the number of referred players.