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Special offer for new affiliates
Fresh casino with just a few registered customers
CPA plans available
Low minimum payout
Editor Review
Alfredo Villalobos
March 23, 2022

Lynxbet Affiliates is a new affiliate program that has entered the iGaming industry with the purpose of assembling a trustworthy affiliate platform where advertisers and webmasters can share campaign ideas and make steady profits.

This affiliate program sponsors Lynxbet Casino, a regulated online casino that has less than a year operating in the iGaming industry and wishes to attract the attention of as many new players as it is possible so that it can become a household name within the market quickly.

The brand focuses on the use of cryptocurrencies, encouraging the customers to make their transactions through the most reliable and quickest cryptocurrencies that exist up to this day. On top of that, it provides the users with plenty of games to choose from. The titles are accessible from mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops.

The affiliate platform looks to partner up with each and every marketer that is yet to start monetizing his traffic. The site has appealing marketing tools and enticing commission deals that may draw their attention. The marketing material designed by Lynxbet Affiliates has the highest resolution so that the promoters can show off the best ads on their sites. The partners are able to download the marketing package that contains high-quality banners and landing pages that may be placed on their websites at any time they want.

There are incentives for the newly registered affiliates too. For starters, they are granted a fixed 50% rate on revenue shares during their first 30 days as part of this affiliate program. In addition to that, if they offer a review about Lynxbet Affiliates, they are given a €50 cash reward that can be complemented by a backlink that can be requested by sending a testimonial of no more than 100 letters to the staff.

Once the 30 first days as an affiliate have passed by, the webmaster begins to earn revenue shares according to the net gaming revenue of his referrals. The minimum rate is 25% while the maximum tier goes up to 45% on revenue shares per month.

There is no negative carryover, so all balances are reset automatically at the time a new month begins, providing the partners with an afresh balance that is ready to be filled up with accumulated income.

Alternative plans may be activated on Lynxbet Affiliates. This includes CPA and Hybrid schemes. However, no approval is guaranteed. The affiliate must send a personal request to his account manager and wait for him to review the marketer’s account.

The reviewing procedure may take up to 48 hours at most. The approved requests are notified so that the webmaster can start negotiating the terms of the agreement with his respective account manager.

The payouts are all sent via Bank Wire Transfer. This is an affiliate program with a brief experience in the industry so it has not made any arrangements with any banking platforms just yet. It is expected that new payment methods may be added in the future. The minimum threshold is set at €100.