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Winbig Affiliates Review

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Two-tiered Sub affiliate plan
Works with one payment method only
CPA and hybrid deals available
Multilingual landing pages
Editor Review
Alex Martin
May 4, 2022

Winbig Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Winbig21 Casino. This affiliate program grants the webmasters a wide range of marketing tools and features that may be utilized freely so that they can make the most profits out of their own traffic without any costs whatsoever.

The marketing material is available in several languages, providing the partners with the chance to allure the attention of new customers from all over the world without any setbacks. In case the marketers wishes to display a banner or any other kind of tool on his site, he will have to notify it to his respective account manager so everything is set up for him.

Customized marketing material is an option as well. In the event that the promoter wishes to make use of his own material, he will have to discuss it with his account manager so that it can be reviewed. This is a short procedure that is done with the purpose of making sure that the material goes according to all the terms and conditions of the affiliate platform.

Once fully reviewed and approved, the affiliate would be able to utilize his custom material with ease. The standard commission structure of this affiliate program is based on the monthly player volume that the webmaster generates. As part of a special promotion for the new members, Winbig Affiliates sets the default rate on commission to 40% for the first three months that each affiliate has as part of this program.

Right after those three months the marketer will start earning commissions according to the volume of players that he generates on a monthly basis. The tiers go from 25% up to 45% on revenue shares. This standard commission structure does not have a negative carryover policy. This means that the partners will start each and every month with a clean slate. The negative balances of their referrals will not affect them in subsequent months, allowing them to have a fresh start to focus on earning the most possible on commissions in the following processing periods.

Winbig Affiliates offers CPA deals upon request from the affiliates. All they need to do is contact an agent whenever they prefer to start discussing the terms of their personalized deal. The managers are friendly at all times and will try their best to make sure that the promoters have a CPA deal that suits their needs and desires.

The affiliates are also able to have a hybrid deal active on Winbig Affiliates. This is a great module that combines the standard commission structure and a CPA deal in a single plan. It can be arranged freely with an account manager.

The brand promoted by Winbig Affiliates is an online casino that allows the players worldwide to enjoy amusing games in multiple categories, including: slot games, live casino games and table games.

The players have access to a wide number of bonuses and promotions as well. They may be seized to give their winnings a boost on a regular basis.