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Alfredo Villalobos
March 3, 2022

June 29, 2023 - Frowm LottaRewards

We would like to inform you of some developments with the LottaRewards Affiliate Program.

Over the last year we have experienced substantial issues with settlements from our acquiring banks and payment processing in our key markets. Our largest single payment service provider has not settled for over a year and we continue to pursue these funds. This necessitated the business to pause Affiliate payments from March 2023 with a view to make phased payments from May onwards.

However, the situation with these payment processing providers has still not improved and they continue to renege on settlements of funds owed. The funds not received are in the region of €800,000. These funds related directly to funds earned by affiliated players and commissions have been paid to affiliates for 9 months without the business receiving payment itself.

In light of the above and the continued pressure on the cashflow, the business has decided to suspend the LottaRewards Affiliate Program and suspend any outstanding commission payments. This will be reviewed should the outstanding funds be successfully received. This means that no further commissions will be earned on new or existing players and access to the dashboard and reporting aspects of the program will be paused indefinitely. This will be with immediate effect.

We understand this is distressing, however in lieu of no funds being received by the business, ongoing suspension is the most responsible approach to this issue.

LottaRewards Affiliates is an affiliate program that has been working nonstop since 1998, making it the most experienced affiliate platform dedicated to the sponsoring of lottery draws in the world. The site started off promoting a low number of lottery draws in a limited number of jurisdictions. Nowadays, the site is filled up with registered affiliates and bettors that are wagering on the draws on a regular basis.

At the moment, LottaRewards Affiliates sponsors up to 19 different lottery draws plus derivative jackpots that attract the attention of many customers worldwide. On top of that, this affiliate program offers lottery draws all across the globe, including the United States of America. LottaRewards Affiliates’ website has been renewed several times in the past few years. This has been done with the purpose of improving the site and alluring new webmasters that are looking to monetize their traffic.

Currently, LottaRewards Affiliates has more than 10,000 different marketers registered on the platform that generate extra income out of the recurring visits that their websites receive. The standard commission structure offered on LottaRewards Affiliates is quite appealing as well. The model is fully based on the net gaming revenue of the referred customers, going up to 40% on revenue shares per month.

Furthermore, all negative balances are zeroed out at the beginning of a new month, letting the marketers forget about their referral winnings quickly so that they can focus entirely on the new applicable period that is just starting. LottaRewards Affiliates has CPA deals available as well. This type of plans are negotiated individually with the affiliate so that the terms and conditions of the arrangement satisfy and benefit both parties involved.

The CPA payments are processed once the referred player is deemed a successful first-time depositor. Once it happens, the customer is marked on the affiliate site and the fixed-fee payout is processed without any delays or setbacks.

The webmasters can enjoy the best of both worlds as well, meaning that it is possible to have a hybrid model active on this affiliate program. The hybrid schemes combine the revenue shares plan with a personalized CPA deal simultaneously, allowing the partners to generate extra income through more than one single structure.

Nonetheless, it must be noted that the rates and terms of the hybrid plans are adjusted. This signifies that the maximum tiers and fixed fees are modified so that the generated earnings are not too scandalous and impossible to handle by the affiliate program.

Further details about this matter may be acquired by getting in touch with the account managers. The representatives usually reply within 24 hours due to the high volume of questions that are asked by the users on a regular basis. The account managers can assist the webmasters in any way it is possible. The partners may request advice on how to improve their performance as well.

As for the withdrawals, LottaRewards Affiliates works with several payment methods, some of them are: Neteller, Skrill and Bank Wire Transfer. The payouts are sent during the first week of every month.