StatsDrone Vs Voonix Comparison

Voonix and StatsDrone have quite a bit in common. StatsDrone technically launched before Voonix but the truth is we had to rebuild our app because it wasn't market ready whereas Voonix build an impressive product to launch. 

In this article, I'm going to share what I think are the differences and similarities between the 2 leading affiliate stats apps in the iGaming market. Of course is another leading platform and you can learn more in our vs StatsDrone article. 

I did want to take a moment to acknowledge the article comparison of the article from the Voonix blog titled Routy vs StatsDrone vs Voonix – A Comprehensive Comparison, written on March 4th, 2024. The article itself contains quite a few incorrect facts about StatsDrone but that is ok, I will address them here. 

Feature StatsDrone Voonix
Pricing $49/month to $475/month + custom plans €200/month to € 2000/month
Programs supported 1300+ Estimated 600
Onboarding speed Fast Slow
Dataviz We are working on it, that is why we hired Lynda Salem Best
API export Yes, you can use to connect with Tableau, Power BI or Looker Studio Yes, can export data into any dataviz tool
On the market since 2021 2019

Pricing comparison

The starting price for StatsDrone as of June 2024 is $49/month for the starter plan. The next plan is the pro plan at $199/month and the enterprise plan at $475/month

Voonix is a lot more expensive at pricing in the €200/month to € 2000/month

It even seems that CEO Robert Andersson addressed the pricing issue in their latest Acroud Q1 2024 Financial highlights during first quarter

As you can see in the report, Acroud, which owns, made a comment about emerging low-cost competitors offering basic functions similar to Voonix. 

Comments aside, at StatsDrone we look at pricing all the time but simply put, we are more focused on building the best product we can. Our pricing is also priced on an affiliate program level and not a brand level. For example, some affiliate programs, like Buffalo Partners for example, have multiple brands. For StatsDrone the single program is just a program and we are not counting the brands. Voonix is priced on per brand usage. 

Supported Affiliate Programs

At StatsDrone here is a short list of stats about what we do for supporting programs.

  • Over 1300 supported iGaming affiliate programs (programs, not brands)
  • Over 800 programs supported with API
  • We have closed over 900 affiliate programs over the past few years

You can view all the supported programs inside the app or visit our affiliate programs page

Voonix has the following

  • Around 600 supported iGaming affiliate programs (appears to be 1600+ brands)
  • Unknown number of API programs as I cannot find it on the brands database page

I have a screenshot of their brands database which shows the affiliate software and also groupings of affiliate programs. 


I think StatsDrone is easier to onboard but I'm only going by what previous Voonix customers have told us. Reading through the Voonix documentation, my understanding is that every campaign has to be manually connected inside the app. So if you had say 200 programs representing 500 brands and had 10 campaigns per brand, that could total 5000 nodes you would need to connect. 

With StatsDrone, every campaign is connected automatically. You do need the Enterprise plan to make use of campaign analysis but that is only if you care to analyze campaign data. In surveying our customers, it seems that half of our users want this feature and the other half just want their monthly totals and don't need campaign analysis.

In StatsDrone, you can type to add tags which tags can be used to breakdown your revenue by site, by segment and by GEOs. 

Without a doubt, this is what Voonix have done a little better in getting better granular reports combined with better dataviz. 

We are not going to out-do Voonix overnight so what we believe we do well is super fast onboarding and we have help for users that want to export their data into Tableau. 

Back to our onboarding, users can bulk upload credentials or bulk upload their APIs if they need to connect hundreds of affiliate programs at once. We can get a user onboarded on the same day. 

Upcoming features from StatsDrone

You can expect the following features coming in the near future.

  • Seats
  • Improved data visualizations
  • Postback and dynamic variables data support




About the founders

The co-founders of StatsDrone are John Wright and Darrell Helyar whom have a combined experience of 31 years in iGaming and in affiliate marketing. 

Voonix, the main guy behind the program is Morten Marcussen whom is the CEO and I have to say, he's a very nice guy. Marcus is an iGaming veteran and I have to admit that Voonix have set the bar very high for us as competitors and he has done a lot to advance the discussion about Business Intelligence in affiliate marketing. 

StatsDrone launched their software in the year 2021, and despite having a short time in the market, the acceptance of the affiliates has made it continue to grow.

What we do different than Voonix

When I make comparisons between the big 3 affiliate tools in the market of Voonix, Routy and StatsDrone, I think each app does something a little different. So I'll highlight the better features of Voonix and I'll share what makes StatsDrone a little different with our own take on affiliate CRM tools. 

What Voonix does well

  • Better data segmentation
  • Better data visualizations
  • Better predictions & player value reports

Here is what I think StatsDrone does different than the competition

  • Invoice generator
  • CRM tools to manage deals and notes
  • Data alerts, notifications and triggers
  • Custom dataviz in Tableau for custom deal clients


Voonix Affiliate Monetisation


Self hosted

Both companies have data that can be hosted on the client's server.

What Voonix does have is on-prem hosting and that is something StatsDrone is currently building and expecting to have live in Q4 of this year. 

As you can see Voonix have higher pricing but I know some affiliates that are happy with their pricing and value they get from the BI components of their service. 

Final thoughts

As the co-founder of StatsDrone, I'm obviously going to be a little biased but what I can say about all the alternatives to StatsDrone is that we might do the same thing for helping you get your affiliate stats, but we'll all have different features. That is StatsDrone might have better CRM tools while Voonix has more trends and predictions with more experience building out dashboards and dataviz. 

Simply put, I'd recommend affiliates test out all the relevant stats apps on the market and see which one you like the best. If you're managing your affiliate business on spreadsheets, you need to make the switch and pick a stats app that is right for you. 

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