Meet the team at StatsDrone - about us

StatsDrone is a Canadian company based in Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada. We are a remote company with team members all over Americas and Europe. We have been building tools for affiliate marketers for years and are proud to share them with the world. Check our careers page for new jobs as we are growing!

Meet the StatsDrone team

Meet the founders

John Wright

John has a long history working in affiliate marketing and iGaming. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in mechanical engineering focusing on robotics and AI. He has run affiliate programs, built affiliate sites, done SEO consulting and UX/UI design. He is the chief data scientist at StatsDrone and he views the affiliate marketing world through an engineering lens.

Darrell Helyar

Darrell is the chief operating officer (COO) and has an extensive background in trade marketing and in systems organization. He brings his rich corporate background to a startup helping with organizational efficiency and human resources management. 

Meet the management

Radoslav Stoyanov

Radoslav is the team's chief technology officer (CTO) and has been working alongside John for since 2015. He manages all the developers and is also an enthusiastic data focused programmer. He builds products in record time and sets the tone for the rest of the team. 

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