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20% - 40%

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1 days
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Efficient software
Available for Italian players only
Sub-affiliate plan
CPA deals
Editor Review
Alex Martin
April 18, 2022

BetPartners is the official affiliate program for Eurobet Casino and This is an innovative and dynamic affiliate program that welcomes the webmasters and guides them into success within the industry.

BetPartners offers top notch marketing solutions so the affiliates have no problems promoting the brands on their sites every month.

The standard commission structure available on BetPartners is based on the number of players that the webmasters manage to bring to the brands every month. Despite the fact that this affiliate program sponsors 2 different betting sites, there is no bundling, meaning that the marketers will count with separate balances and stats for each of the brands for a better control and organization. The standard plan offers multiple tiers, going from 20% up to 40% on revenue shares per month. This commission structure has no negative carryover policy active either. Therefore, the webmasters will begin each and every month with a clean balance that allows them to focus on the following periods more easily.

BetPartners has CPA deals available to the affiliates. If they wish to earn commissions through a CPA module, they must request it from an account manager. Once the request has been approved, they will start earning extra money for every qualifying player that registers and wagers on the brands sponsored by BetPartners.

Hybrid plans can be requested on BetPartners as well. This special kind of commission scheme allows the affiliates to earn extra money through a CPA module and the standard commission structure simultaneously.

BetPartners has a sub affiliation model available to the marketers as well. This scheme offers a flat rate of 3% out of the income that is generated by the invited webmasters. If the promoters wish to know further information about this particular issue, they may reach out to an account manager at any given time.

The representatives are active on a daily basis to respond to any inquiries that the users may have about the affiliate program and the brands that it sponsors. However, it must be noted that BetPartners can only be displayed in Italian, thus, all of its staff offer assistance in this specific language only.

The webmasters that wish to visualize the affiliate program’s site in English or any other language may have to utilize a translating tool. There is no other option available for those partners that do not speak Italian. As for the payouts, all withdrawals are processed via Skrill. No other banking option is available. The minimum threshold is low though, so that the partners may reach it quickly before the end of every month.

As for the brands that BetPartners sponsors, Eurobet Casino and are regulated online casinos where the players can enjoy lots of entertaining games on a daily basis. There are several categories available, including: slot games, live dealer games, jackpot games and others. On top of that, the customers are able to wager on the most exciting sports events that take place on a daily basis. Some of the sports available are: baseball, football, basketball, horse racing and boxing.