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Search engine optimization is a massive industry that is only getting bigger year after year. SEO tools are really some of the first examples of Business Intelligence tools on the internet. This covers Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and Semrush.

The SEO industry is valued at $74.76 Billion in 2023 and has a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 17.7% over the next 7 years and is expected to grow to $129.6 Billion in 2030. Everywhere you look, search exists. It exists in YouTube, it exists in social media platforms and it even exists on search bars on websites.

Let's just say SEO is not dead and the SEO niche is here to stay.

Anybody I personally know in the SEO industry has done very well. In the world of cooking, they say never trust a skinny chef. The same applies for never trusting a broke SEO consultant. As long as they don't really offer degrees in SEO in colleges and universities, the best way to learn SEO is by practising and by learning SEO with courses.

How does affiliate marketing work?

This is a very short crash course on affiliate marketing but here is a very quick breakdown. We have created a guide to get started in affiliate marketing that you can find on our site.

  1. Have an audience
  2. Search for affiliate programs and products to promote
  3. Sign-up and get your tracking links
  4. Share those traffic links with your audience direct, on your website or social media channels

The core elements of getting started is you need to apply to an SEO affiliate program and get accepted, get tracking links and then share with your audience. When you make a sale, you can get a commission that could be paid on numerous revenue models. Other SEO affiliate programs might also pay for registrations or other models like CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead) but you are more or less dealing with revenue share. Sometimes it can be a recurring commissions and other times could be CPA which stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This is a one time payment made on a sale.

Revenue models for SEO affiliate programs

You can get the following types of revenue models when promoting SEO tools, products and services.

Best SEO tools affiliate programs

SEO tools are are everywhere with a few of them as dominant players in the SEO industry. You can see the who's who of the SEO world at conferences like Brighton SEO and Chiang Mai SEO. Those companies in question are brands like Ahrefs, Semrush, Surfer SEO, Screaming Frog, and Sitechecker to name a few.

SEO tools can cover a range of topics and features like rank tracking and rank checker, outreach tool, website optimization tools, organic traffic and long tail keywords analysis.

Semrush Affiliate Program

The Semrush affiliate program is one of the more popular SEO affiliate programs around. The tool is said to be comparable to Ahrefs however Ahrefs does NOT have an affiliate program.

Surfer SEO affiliate program

Surfer SEO is one of the most popular SEO content tools around. The tool is often referred to as Surfer for short and this article was produced using the Surfer content editor. Surfer SEO is becoming more than another content writing tool, it does AI generated content and helps with keyword research. In interviewing Michal Suski whom is one of the cofounders of Surfer and is Head of Innovation, he stated that as of late 2023 they have a user base of 20,000 customers and 25% to 30% are using their AI content.

Simply put, Surfer SEO is one of a few AI content tools on the market competing with the likes of Jasper but what is great about Surfer is their SEO Surfers Facebook community.

Ahrefs affiliate program

Does Ahrefs have an affiliate program? They used to have one but shut it down for unknown reasons. For all the people that want to share one of the most popular SEO tools around, it is upsetting that they don't provide a program. This simply gives more business to the Semrush affiliate program and I'm sure they are grateful for your business.

PageOptimizer Pro affiliate program

PageOptimizer Pro is also referred to as POP for short. It is an SEO tool developed by Kyle Roof. It is a more advanced SEO tool that focuses on on-page SEO optimization and is a powerful keyword research tool too. This tool has been compared to the Cora SEO tool which is another advanced on page SEO tool that analyzes search engine results.

Sitechecker affiliate program is a very unique and versatile SEO tool. In fact this is a great tool for affiliates that can can be an accurate keyword rank tracker, is a website crawler and does site monitoring. It can even check your backlinks too. It even has a Google Chrome SEO extension that should make life easier for checking out your competition.

Serpstat affiliate program

Serpstat does have an affiliate program and as the name implies, Serpstat helps you know the rankings of your page and kewyords.

SEO courses affiliate programs

SEO courses are in high demand and although not quite as much as SEO tools, SEO courses are a great way of capturing the demand that exists for learning SEO.

Best SEO courses

Here are the best SEO courses based on my research and having a chance to have interviewed some of of the course creators as well.

  1. IMG Courses
  2. The Affiliate Lab

IMG Courses affiliate program

IMG.Courses is a very well known SEO course program and is founded by Kyle Roof. They call it like the Netflix of SEO and it has a wide range of SEO educational content. It is a great place for people to learn about seo strategy, seo tips, digital marketing tools, local seo, on page seo, rank tracking, and a lot more. You'll learn the fundamentals of how a search engine works and learn from some of the best SEO specialists.

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab was created by Matt Diggity who's a well known SEO affiliate who builds authority sites and teaches how people can learn to make passive income from recurring commissions. Matt does a lot in the SEO industry including running the Chiang Mai SEO conference which the 2023 sold out in under 24 hours with demand for the 2024 CMSEO event. Matt explains that one key to affiliate marketing success is learning how search engines work so your website traffic can increase leading to affiliate sales.

Matt's courses cover affiliate SEO mastery and of course how to build and grow websites so you can flip them.

Best SEO agency affiliate programs

SEO affiliate agencies can make a lot of money and while not all of them will offer affiliate commission payments, some will because they know affiliate referrals are a great source of paying customers.

SeoProfy Partners

SeoProfy is a leading SEO agency that works in multiple languages across multiple niches. Founded by Victor Karpenko, SeoProfy is a great SEO agency that will do an SEO audit for any site and with their in-house SEO tools they will help small business owners with their online visibility.

I can say I've referred a few friends to SeoProfy to help their affiliate sites with their ranking issues and it has made a positive effect on their affiliate income.

The HOTH SEO Affiliate Program

The HOTH is an interesting site that covers SEO and content marketing. I personally haven't used The HOTH but I see it mentioned and recommended frequently in SEO communities. The HOTH does managed services, content creation, link building and local seo.

SEO research affiliate programs

SE Ranking Affiliate Program

AnswerThePublic (keyword research)

Money Robot

SEO communities vs affiliate communities

Where should you learn more about SEO, network with seo professionals and seo affiliate companies? Your options could be to find SEO communities, affiliate communities or both. In order to know what is happening in the SEO space, you should be joined to the numerous SEO communities that exist.

Affiliate forums might not go into detail about all the different types of SEO affiliate programs you can work with but they will cover all other topics that should be of interest.

Final thoughts on the highest paying SEO affiliate programs

The Semrush affiliate program might be the single SEO affiliate program that pays you the most. That said, SEO agencies can usually convert so finding SEO agency affiliate programs is the next best thing. Educational affiliate programs will always deliver sales so don't look past SEO course affiliate programs for good recurring revenue.

Frequently asked questions

Does Screaming Frog have an affiliate program?

According to the website, there is no Screaming Frog affiliate program.

Is there a Keywords Everywhere affiliate program?

There is no affiliate program for Keywords Everywhere SEO tool.

Do you know of any outreach tools that are good for building links and have an affiliate program?

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