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Betway Partners Africa


Betway Africa, Betway Ghana, Betway Kenya, Betway Malawi, Betway Mozambique, Betway Nigeria, Betway South Africa, Betway Zambia

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Popular casino in Africa
Casino available for African players only
Low minimum thresholds
CPA deals available
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Alfredo Villalobos
March 24, 2022

Betway Partners Africa is the official affiliate program for Betway Kenya, Betway Ghana, Betway South Africa, Betway Nigeria, Betway Uganda, Betway Zambia and Betway Mozambique. This is an affiliate marketing platform that rewards the webmasters based on their performance.

It is important to point out that the brands sponsored by this affiliate program can only accept players from the countries that have been mentioned previously. No players from other territories are accepted. On the other hand, all affiliates are welcomed, however, they must be able to attract the attention of new customers from the target countries. If not, their applications may not be approved.

Betway Partners Africa has a standard commission structure available to all the accepted affiliates. The structure does not require any type of activation since it is the default model offered to the partners. The structure is based on the net gaming revenue of the referrals. The webmasters earn a fixed rate of 25% on revenue shares per month. There is no higher rate available on this affiliate program.

This commission plan has no negative carryover policy active, giving the webmasters the opportunity to start every month afresh with a clean balance. However, Betway Partners Africa has a high roller policy. The negative balances that are generated by those players deemed “high rollers” will move on to subsequent months up until the marketer is able to clear it all up on his own.

CPA deals are available to the affiliates on Betway Partners Africa. They can be requested at any moment. Once the request has been approved, the webmaster will begin to receive one-off payments for every qualifying player that goes according to the terms stated between the account manager and the marketer.

Sadly, Betway Partners Africa does not offer a sub affiliates plan to its registered webmasters. Therefore, it is not possible for the affiliates to generate extra income when promoting Betway Partners Africa on their sites. Any questions regarding this matter can be asked to the account managers. They are always willing to assist the promoters in any way it is possible.

More positively, Betway Partners Africa has optimized marketing tools that help the webmasters promote the brand efficiently on a monthly basis. There is a wide variety of tools to choose from. The marketer may pick the ones that he considers the most suitable for his site and audience. Moreover, they may go ahead and request custom material that may allow them to attract the attention of a higher volume of players per month.

When it comes to the brands, they are all regulated Betway subsidiaries that offer the best gambling services to all the African players. On these betting sites, the players can enjoy lots of casino games and show their support on the most thrilling sports events that take place across the whole globe. On top of that, there are plenty of bonuses and promotions to choose from, giving the visitors of your site the possibility to maximize their winnings with little to no effort.