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Revenue Share

25% - 50%


Meteor Affiliates Review

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1 days
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Pros & Cons

Large number of casinos
No alternative deals available
Up to 50% on revenue shares
No bundling
Editor Review
Alex Martin
March 22, 2022

Meteor Affiliates works as the official affiliate program for Rocket Slots Casino, Volcano Bingo, Slot Machine Casino, RocketBingo Casino, Bingo Games Casino, Slot Shack Casino, Slot Games Casino and Casino Game.

Meteor Affiliates is a prolific marketing platform that provides the webmasters across the globe with a reliable chance of generating income from the traffic of their sites. The standard commission structure offered by Meteor Affiliates is based on the number of first-time depositors that the partners are able to bring to the brands every month. The marketers can earn from 25% up to 50% on monthly revenue shares.

This commission structure does not carry over negative balances unless the player is considered a “high roller”. According to Meteor Affiliates, a high roller player is the one that has generated negative revenues of €2,000 or more in a single month.

In any other case, the negative balances are completely wiped out at the beginning of a new month. The commissions are not bundled and the partners have the chance of sponsoring any brand they want. They are not forced to promote each one of them. Meteor Affiliates have no CPA deals available to the registered webmasters. Unfortunately, this means that the promoters are not able to have personalized deals active on their accounts. They must abide by the rules and policies of the standard agreement with no possibilities of negotiating any other type of module.

Sub affiliate earnings are not available on Meteor Affiliates either. Sadly, the lack of presence of this plan prevents the partners from generating extra income when they promote this affiliate program on their sites. Any questions regarding this matter can be asked to the account managers.

Meteor Affiliates has a large number of account managers available at the affiliates’ disposal. They are active on a daily basis to reply to any inquiries related to the affiliate program. The questions are replied within 24 hours on average. The webmasters are advised to be patient with Meteor Affiliates and its staff.

Meteor Affiliates processes the payments at the end of each month. If the partner wants Meteor Affiliates to process a payment, they must send an invoice before the end of the month. Those webmasters that do not send any invoice or do it too late will not receive the payment. All the withdrawals are processed in Pounds Sterling (£). The minimum threshold varies depending on the banking option that is picked by the promoter.

In addition to that, Meteor Affiliates is punctual when processing the payments. Therefore, the marketers will not have problems when receiving their well-deserved earnings. Regarding the brands that Meteor Affiliates sponsors, they are betting platforms that offer a wide range of games and bingo rooms to the players so they can have lots of fun while making extra money.

The brands are fully regulated and are operated by experienced teams that focus on satisfying each and every type of player. Moreover, the customers have access to a large number of bonuses and promotions so that they can give their winnings a boost regularly.