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Pinnacle 888 Affiliates Review

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Pinnacle 888 Affiliates


Pinnacle Casino

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Ragnarok Corporation N.V.


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Sub affiliate plan
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Editor Review
Alfredo Villalobos
March 24, 2022

Pinnacle888 Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Pinnacle888 Casino. The betting platform offers a diverse set of betting options for all the registered players. On the site, the customers can wager on sports bets, live casino games, slots, jackpot games and much more.

The platform has a special focus on the Asian market, more specifically, China and Thailand. These are the most important territories for this betting site. Thus, the webmasters that decide to join this affiliate program must do their best to refer new customers from these jurisdictions. There are no restrictions for the marketers in terms of their country of residence. As long as they can refer customers from the target markets and the accepted countries, they are going to be accepted into Pinnacle888 Affiliates without any setbacks.

The affiliate platform can be viewed in English, Thai and Chinese Mandarin. All aspects of the site are available in these mentioned languages so that the marketers may have no misunderstandings when reading about the features and the deals offered on Pinnacle888 Affiliates.

The account managers may provide the affiliates in the 3 languages as well. That way, they can clear up their doubts about the site easily and comfortably at any given moment. The commission structure is based on the net gaming revenue of the referred customers. The model offers up to 40% on revenue shares per month. However, it must be noted that this commission scheme is attached to a negative carryover policy. Therefore, all balances, including negative figures will move on to subsequent months automatically.

On top of that, negative figures will be deducted from future processing periods, meaning that it is possible for some promoters to spend more than a month without withdrawing any earnings. Pinnacle888 Affiliates have no CPA deals available either. This affiliate program does not allow the webmasters to generate extra income through any type of alternative commission plan. This is a non-negotiable policy that the partners that decide to join this affiliate program must know and abide by.

On the other hand, Pinnacle888 Affiliates have a sub-affiliation plan available. It actually offers a decent rate of 10% out of the profits generated by each referred partner. This is a compelling structure that may be used by the affiliates to give their earnings a boost, considering that no other kind of alternative structure is available on this affiliate program. The marketers can refer as many fellow webmasters as they can as there is no maximum limit set by Pinnacle888 Affiliates.

When it comes to the payments, Pinnacle888 Affiliates works with Bank Wire Transfers. Any other payment platform must be agreed between the affiliate and an account manager. Nonetheless, the final verdict is determined by the affiliate program.

Sadly, Pinnacle888 Affiliates process all the payments in Chinese Yuan (CNY). No other currency is utilized for processing withdrawals on this affiliate program, making it more difficult for the international webmasters to receive their commissions. The exchange rates will vary depending on the currency that is preferred by the promoter.