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Alex Martin
March 22, 2022

Royal Partners was launched into the iGaming industry in 2017. The site has partnered up with several online casinos since then. Nowadays, it sponsors 6 different online casinos across the whole world.

The brands are known for offering the players a wide range of games in multiple categories. On top of that, they provide the users with bonuses and promotions on a regular basis. These online casinos have restrictions too. Because of that, Royal Partners has a list of the specific countries that are accepted for each one of them.

Some of the accepted territories are: Finland, Canada and Russia. The webmasters must be aware of the restricted countries for every brand since redirecting traffic from unauthorized territories may lead to the termination of their accounts.

Since there are 6 brands available to promote, some affiliates may feel overwhelmed with the simple thought of having to sponsor all of them. Thankfully, this is not the case because the partners have the possibility of promoting as many brands as they want, including just one of them if desired.

The marketers that choose to sponsor several online casinos do not have to worry about anything either. This is thanks to the fact that all balances are separated according to the brand that is promoted. That way, if the webmaster has negative figures on one brand, it will not affect the balance on another one.

The revenue shares plan available on Royal Partners is based on the net gaming revenue of the referred players. There are multiple rates available on this structure so that the affiliates can get rewarded righteously according to their individual performance. The model goes up to 50% on revenue shares per month.

Special agreements can also be made on this affiliate program, allowing the most dedicated partners to earn up to 60% on revenue shares. In addition to that, CPA deals and Hybrid plans can be requested on Royal Partners.

This affiliate program offers up to $100 per qualifying player in the case of the CPA deals. However, the fixed fee will depend on various factors such as the quality of traffic that is redirected by the webmaster.

The CPA deals surely are the most compelling plans available on Royal Partners. This is because apart from the high fixed fees offered, the CPA payments are processed weekly, letting the affiliates receive their earnings more frequently than when they are generating extra income through the revenue shares plan.

The revenue shares payments are processed and sent on a monthly basis in all cases.
The hybrid plans give the marketers the opportunity to have more than one commission structure active on their accounts. The fixed fees and the rates offered on this type of model are unique and vary from partner to partner.

Royal Partners has multiple payment methods available to the affiliates, including several cryptocurrencies so that they can receive their commissions in the safest and most convenient way possible. The minimum threshold is quite accessible as well on this affiliate program.