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CPA plans available
Editor Review
Alex Martin
March 24, 2022

Rummy Affiliates is an affiliate platform that focuses on the players residing within the Scandinavian countries and any other European nation where online gambling is legal. The platform has a rather old design that is based on WordPress and the implementation of Adobe Flash Player, a tool that is not used anymore on browsers, making some of the features and aspects of the website impossible to watch nowadays.

The use of WordPress makes the site look more user-friendly, but the developers did not make the effort of designing a more appealing layout. In general, it looks dull and quite boring. One of the most eye-catching features about Rummy Affiliates is the fact that instead of sponsoring online casinos, this affiliate program is in charge of promoting rummy games, which are a specific style of card games.

Some of the card games promoted by Rummy Affiliates are: Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki 51, Traditional Rummy and Turkish Rummy (Okey). The full list of sponsored games can be found on the Rummy Affiliates’ website. The fact that it sponsors games instead of casino platforms would make it easier for some marketers to allure the attention of new players. Nonetheless, it is a strange type of promotion that some users could find rather odd rather than appealing most of the time.

As for the commission structure, Rummy Affiliates has a multi-tiered plan that goes from 20% up to 50% on revenue shares. The structure is based on the net gaming revenue of the referred customers. The model has no negative carryover policy. Thus, all balances are reset at the very beginning of every month. In case an affiliate has a positive balance, but did not reach the minimum threshold at the end of a processing period, his figures will move on to the following month so that he has higher chances of reaching the minimum limit.

Alternative deals such as CPA and CPL schemes are available on Rummy Affiliates too. They can be requested by the promoters at any time. The account managers can negotiate all the terms and conditions of the agreement with the affiliates freely. The fixed fees granted as part of these alternative deals vary depending on the type of traffic that is provided by each webmaster.

Rummy Affiliates has a sub affiliates plan as well. This model is quite interesting since it offers up to 4 different tiers. It goes from 0.5% up to 15% out of the profits made by the referred partners. The tier given to the marketer is determined by the net gaming revenue that is generated by his sub affiliates. In case of any doubts regarding this specific model, the affiliates can reach out to the representatives. They may answer any questions related to the affiliate program, its features and the card games that it sponsors.

Overall, Rummy Affiliates is an affiliate platform with compelling deals. Nonetheless, the webmasters are advised to think thoroughly before deciding to join the site due to its lack of updates and obsolete design.