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Tipico Affiliates US Review

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Editor Review
Alfredo Villalobos
July 7, 2022

This is a fresh and new affiliate platform that has drawn a lot of attention thanks to its top-level technology. The site is powered by the Income Access software, a system that provides the promoters with lots of useful marketing features. 

The standard commission structure is based on the net gaming revenue generated by the customers. The tiers are discussed with the partner directly via email once his application to join the site has been thoroughly reviewed and accepted. 

Alternative schemes such as CPA deals can be requested on Tipico US Affiliates as well, so that the publishers have the possibility to receive one-time payouts for each one of their referrals. On the downside, this affiliate program has a negative carryover policy that moves all negative figures over to subsequent months automatically. This is provision that cannot be renegotiated by the affiliates.

As for the brand, Tipico USA Casino is a regulated American brand that looks to offer the latest and most enticing betting options, which include: slots, jackpot games, table games and the most thrilling sports events that take place around the world every day. In addition to that, the site has a mobile app that can be downloaded for free at any moment so that the bettors have an easier access to their profiles and gambling alternatives.

Commission Details

Tipico US Affiliates has a standard plan that is based on the net gaming revenue of the referred players. Despite being considered the standard structure, Tipico US Affiliates allows the partners to negotiate its tiers. The arrangements take place after the webmaster’s application has been accepted by the staff. Certain aspects are taken into account as well, such as the quality of the traffic redirected to the brand, and your country of residence.

It is crucial for the marketers to know that this affiliate program has a negative carryover policy that is non-negotiable. Therefore, all the affiliates with negative balances will have their numbers move on to following months automatically up until they are able to set the whole amount off manually.


Tipico US Affiliates offers CPA deals. These deals can be requested right after having joined the affiliate program, or later on, depending on what you think is more convenient for your marketing needs. 

The CPA deals are granted to the most dedicated partners, and the fixed-fees are determined by Tipico US Affiliates’ sole discretion. 

Sub Affiliates

Tipico US Affiliates does not have a sub-affiliation model active for the webmasters at the time of the making of this review. Unfortunately, this means that it is not possible for the marketers to generate extra income while sponsoring Tipico US Affiliates on their personal sites. However, you are free to discuss further details about this type of scheme with the account managers via email.

Game Types

Tipico USA Casino is a cutting-edge online casino that provides the bettors with a website full of the most interesting betting options available on the market. On this online casino, the users can place their bets on slots, live casino games, table games including Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and many other types of games on a daily basis.

In addition to that, the site has a dedicated sportsbook section meant to satisfy the gamblers that enjoy wagering on the most thrilling and intriguing sports events such as Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, and many more games.

Tipico USA Casino can be accessed directly from an internet browser, but there is a free mobile app available on its official platform as well. 


Tipico USA Casino is owned and operated by Tipico USA Technology INC and it is licensed and regulated in the states of New Jersey and Colorado.

Excluded Countries

At the time of the making of this review, Tipico USA Casino is available in the American states of New Jersey and Colorado only. 

Target Market

Tipico USA Casino focuses on the bettors that live in New Jersey and Colorado.

Payment Details

Tipico US Affiliates processes the withdrawals through Skrill, Neteller and Bank Wire Transfers. The minimum threshold has been set at $100. The payouts are sent by the first week of every month.

Keep in mind that admin fees may apply and negative carry over will be transferred to the next month. The site offers a standard commission plan that can be negotiated with the account managers via email once your application to join the platform has been accepted and also CPA deals are available as well.