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Alfredo Villalobos
March 24, 2022

Win Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Mroyun Casino and Youwin Casino. The affiliate program is also negotiating with new casinos so that the webmasters have a wider number of products available to promote on their sites.

Win Affiliates take a professional approach at a personal level with its partners, aiming to deliver a superior platform for collaboration alongside innovative, cutting-edge technology and consistent focus on knowledge sharing.

The platform accepts all kinds of traffic, as long as it does not contain inappropriate content such as sexual, racist, discriminatory or violent content. The affiliates from all over the world are admitted into this affiliate program as well. It does not matter if their country of residence does not permit the use of gambling websites.

The most important requirement for joining Win Affiliates is having access to a large audience that may be interested in being part of an online casino. Apart from that, the webmasters must allure the attention of customers residing in territories where online gambling is deemed legal. Otherwise, they will not be able to register on any of the brands, and they will not count towards commissions either.

This affiliate program has a standard commission model that is based on net gaming revenue of the referred players. It goes from 25% up to 35% on revenue shares per month. Win Affiliates knows how valuable it is to engage with the newly registered partners. Thus, this affiliate program has a special 5-month deal available to them. During this period of time, the new marketers will be able to earn fixed rates on revenue shares that go over the ones offered as part of the standard plan.

During the first month, they will earn 35% on revenue shares regardless of their net gaming revenue. Then, in the second month, their rate will go up to 45% on revenue shares. During the third month, they will receive the highest possible, 50% on revenue shares. Lastly, during the fourth and fifth month, they will be earning 45% and 35% on revenue shares respectively.

Once the 5 months are over, the affiliate will begin to generate extra income according to his net gaming revenue. In addition to that, Win Affiliates offers CPA deals on a case-by-case basis. The partners that believe themselves to be suitable for this kind of personalized scheme can go ahead and request it to their account managers. After that, the affiliate’s account is reviewed to assess his eligibility.

If approved, the marketer can start negotiating the terms and the fixed fee that will be granted as part of the CPA deal. On the other hand, no sub affiliates earnings are available on Win Affiliates. Sadly, this means that the marketers are simply unable to generate extra income when promoting this affiliate program on their sites or blogs.

They only commissions plans offered on Win Affiliates are the revenue shares structure and the CPA deals. The payments are processed through various banking platforms. The minimum threshold is set at €100 for all of them. The withdrawals are sent at the beginning of each month.