Best SaaS Affiliate Programs 2024 List

SaaS affiliate programs

The SaaS affiliate programs space is one of those affiliate niches that people overlook. They'll overlook it for things like SEO affiliate programs or other high paying affiliate programs and neglect the SaaS space altogether.

What this could mean for you is less competition in getting to work with the best SaaS affiliate programs. The SaaS industry is one of the fastest growing segments and is expected to grow to 1.29 Trillion USD by 2030. To put this into further context, an SEO tool called Semrush has a market cap of $1.87 Billion USD. The Semrush affiliate program is one of the more popular SEO affiliate programs around and they are also a SaaS tool for that matter.

Simply put, you can make money in the SaaS niche through recurring commissions or through CPA.

I'm writing this article in spring 2024 and I can tell you that the SaaS niche is severely untapped and has massive potential. So let's get started in SaaS.

What is a SaaS affiliate program?

Simply put, a SaaS affiliate program is where you earn revenue from driving leads and more importantly, sales, to a SaaS platform. The way it works is when you join an affiliate program, you'll get access to various tracking tools that help record the performance of your campaigns. This can include tracking links that rely on cookies, pixel tracking and it is possible to have S2S tracking like postbacks or dynamic variables.

Some programs will give you landing pages, bonus codes, banners and a collection of marketing materials.

When you use these on your sites, your various channels or even sending a simple affiliate link to one of your friends, you can earn commissions based on these referrals. The SaaS affiliate space can give you CAP commissions or revenue share which is a percentage of the recurring revenue.

If you need a cheeky example of a SaaS affiliate program, you should check out the StatsDrone Partners affilitae program here

Although SaaS and AI programs are usually difference, many are the same thing but you can find a different list here for AI affiliate programs

Why do companies offer SaaS affiliate programs?

The last time I checked, at least half of the SaaS companies that exist do have an affiliate program and I've read this can be as high as 80%. SaaS companies are always looking for more paying customers and the power in affiliate marketing is that referrals are a form of recommendation. Just having referral partners can improve the likelihood of customers turning into a paid subscription.

This is something that SaaS affiliates are helpful for because when people promote a product or service, it goes without saying there is an implied recommendation that goes with it. The average affiliate doesn't just do blacklists or not recommended as categories although some of them utilize this to gain more trust.

To expand market reach

By creating an affiliate program, you'll get instant market reach just by having an affiliate program. Many of these programs are actually part of affiliate networks that are essentially SaaS affiliate marketing programs.

Market reach can be done at scale on a website that can get 1000s of daily website visitors or it can be a single unique affiliate link where one colleague shares it on various social media platforms and can create affiliate sales.

Tracking methods

Tracking methods stand at the core of SaaS affiliate programs, ensuring accurate referral monitoring and commission attribution. These techniques are vital for the integrity and success of the program, providing a reliable foundation for affiliate compensation.

Cookie tracking

Cookie tracking is how affiliate links have worked since the start of affiliate marketing. Cookies are becoming somewhat obsolete as Google is attacking cookies for data privacy reasons or Google just being Google. Cookies can usually last 30 days, 90 days or longer and it can give the referral the first click or last click.

Pixel tracking

Pixel tracking is a bit more advanced and might become more prominent in affiliate marketing in 2024 and beyond. Pixels can be an actual image but other affiliate networks consider pixels to be essentially S2S tracking.

Commission structures

Commission structures can be tired based on performance but otherwise we are getting into the revenue share territory.

CPA, cost per action

Sometimes also called Cost Per Acquisition, CPA is a common payment. Taking Semrush affiliate program for example which can pay out $200 CPA for a single sale and up to $350 CPA.

Percentage of recurring revenue

Offering a percentage of recurring revenue, this structure rewards affiliates with a continuous share of the revenue from customers they've referred, as long as those customers remain active subscribers.

So rather than getting a $200 CPA in a single upfront payment, you could be making $50 per month for the next 2 years. Most serious affiliate marketers will take a longer term revenue share deal since recurring commission is what can pay the most revenue.

The best thing about any recurring commission plan is it is a form of passive income you can get from a single paying customer. A good SaaS company will retain their customers which can benefit you for many years down the road.

How to choose a SaaS affiliate program?

Selecting the top SaaS affiliate programs is sometimes easier said than done. By default, assuming you are a SaaS user, promote the products that you're already using.

If you're a using of CRM tools then focus on CRM affiliate programs. If you are an SEO consultant then naturally you'll gravitate towards SEO affiliate programs. That said there are some top SaaS products out there that do NOT have an affiliate program like Ahrefs for example. The Semrush affiliate department is grateful, hold my beer says the Senuto affiliate program.

You'll want to also care about the commissions. What good is promoting any SaaS tool if you send a lot of traffic but you don't make any commissions from it?

Reliable affiliate payments is important and ideally you'll want a dedicated affiliate manager as well. That doesn't mean affiliate networks are not useful here but even if network affiliate programs, you still expect a decent level of customer service.

Product relevance

Product relevance is a given and you should stand behind the SaaS products you like and recommend. It helps if you are a user because your audience will expect that.

Aligns with your audience's interests

Think about what your users are wanting to get from your content whether it is a blog post or an in-depth product review. You know why you use other review sites so make sure you add this product feature into your site.

Commission rates

Commission rates are everything! Ideally you'll want a good commission rate but be sure to measure the performance!

It is quite possible to have a product generate 2x more revenue with half the clicks when compared to another similar product. This is why affiliates should use tools like StatsDrone to know when their products, brands and campaigns are performing best.

Payment terms and conditions

Nobody likes to read the terms and conditions and this is what your site should do for the user. Do the not-so-fun work and don't make your users think. Tell them you've read the terms and conditions and you also know the t&cs of your participation with that affiliate program.

You should know the minimum payment amounts and the payment methods of that affiliate program.

Frequency of payouts

Most affiliate programs pay out monthly and typically will pay the following month. In rare cases will an affiliate program payout on the spot. If anything you can experience this type of payment when it comes to crypto related payments.

What are the best practices for promoting SaaS products as an affiliate?

Some of the following advice might sound a little chiche but it is very true today especially given how Google is messing up the search engine results pages. You know, the Helpful Content Update (HCU).

Be authentic

There is nothing wrong with promoting something for the sake of making a sale. Just keep in mind that you'll look more credible if you try to be the most helpful person you can to your reader. Highlight the pros as well as the cons and test out the product as best as you can.

Successful promotion of SaaS products as an affiliate hinges on a strategic mix of content creation, SEO strategies, and social media marketing. Developing in-depth product reviews and comparison guides provides potential customers with valuable insights, establishing the affiliate's content as a go-to resource. Through keyword optimization, affiliates can ensure their content achieves high visibility in search engine results, drawing more traffic.

Furthermore, building backlinks to affiliate content boosts its authority and search ranking, enhancing overall visibility. On the social media spectrum, utilizing platforms that align with the product's target audience—such as LinkedIn for B2B products or Instagram stories for engaging demonstrations—can significantly amplify engagement and conversion rates. Implementing these best practices with precision can markedly elevate an affiliate's marketing effectiveness for SaaS products.

Content creation

Content creation stands as the cornerstone of affiliate marketing, with strategies like writing in-depth product reviews and creating comparison guides. These methods provide critical insights into SaaS products, aiding potential buyers in their decision-making process.

Writing in-depth product reviews

Engaging in writing in-depth product reviews entails a comprehensive exploration of features, advantages, and limitations, offering a well-rounded perspective on the SaaS offerings. This detailed approach not only educates the audience but also fosters trust in the affiliate's expertise and recommendations.

Creating comparison guides

Believe it or not, comparison tables and guides are some of the best converting types of features any affiliate marketer can do. Look at all the top affiliate sites and you'll see comparison guides and comparison tables everywhere.

Make use of these and compare 1 or more products together.

SEO strategies

SEO stands for search engine optimization so if you're new here you'll want to check out the SEO guide or consider the other directory for SEO affiliate programs.

Learning SEO can take a lot of time and a great place to get started is with SEO courses.

A great place to continue your SEO education is with the Affiliate BI podcast. Some of the SEO guests have included

Keyword optimization for affiliate content

You'll want to optimize for keywords but you'll want to make sure you're writing for users. If you're using content writing tools like Surfer SEO, they are great as editors and guides but always find a way to include that extra authoritative element that other review sites won't have.

Best Content Tool for SaaS Companies

If you're a SaaS company, you really should be working on content that will drive traffic to your SaaS company. Yes Surfer SEO has an affiliate program but this is one tool that any SaaS owner should be using. It is what we use for writing out our long form content pages. 

Visit Surfer SEO.

Building backlinks to affiliate content

Links to your content are still very helpful, just be sure you understand the concepts of quality link building. Many new affiliates think they can pay someone on Fiverr to build them some cheap links. They are just that, cheap!

You'll want to try to get quality backlinks from reputable sources where they also represent traffic as well as a vote of recommendation.

Social media marketing

Is social media important for marketing? Some affiliates attribute a lot of their success to driving traffic through social channels. This can be done by promoting content or products through LinkedIn for B2B products, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, Instagram, X or Facebook.

Social channels are starting to become the new search channels.

Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for B2B products

LinkedIn is like the social network for professionals so people do expect some promotional content but remember they don't want to be sold to all the time. People come to LinkedIn to learn and be educated and in some parts, entertained.

Many SaaS companies are ultra focused on LinkedIn and this is one of the best channels for being known in your industry and promoting any SaaS product.

Using Instagram stories for product demos

Using Instagram stories for product demos presents a compelling, visual method to showcase the practical benefits of SaaS products. This interactive approach grabs the audience's attention and vividly demonstrates the product's value in real-life applications.

What challenges might affiliates face with SaaS affiliate programs?

The only real challenges any SaaS marketer would face is needing to have a website or channel to promote before you join a SaaS partner program.

Many programs will ask for your source of traffic before they approve to make sure it doesn't violate their terms and conditions for joing the program.

If you happen to have a dialogue with your affiliate manager, they can give you some feedback and insights on your marketing efforts.


Is there competition when it comes to SaaS affiliate programs and promoting SaaS tools?

Absolutely, however aside from the big sites like G2, Getapp, TrustPilot and a few more, there are simply not a lot of SaaS review sites. In 2024, if you're reading this, this is likely one of the least tapped affiliate niches to promote.

High competition in popular niches

It depends on the niche but some might have more competition like SEO tools or CRM tools for example.

Niche saturation

You'll find niche saturation in other industries like casino affiliate programs but you can expect SaaS to keep growing and perhaps more affiliates will jump on this trending niche.

How to measure success in SaaS affiliate marketing?

The best way to measure success is looking at the EPC value and ideally creating campaigns for your GEOs. This will help you know where most of your sales are coming from.

A tool like StatsDrone will make it easy to spot which programs and products are delivering the best ROI. You can map your tracking links to campaigns as part of the tracking conversions and this will help you with analyzing ROI. Instead of logging into all the affiliate dashboards, you can use StatsDrone to see the whole picture of your revenue across all your programs.

Tracking conversions

Tracking conversions is somewhat your responsibility but programs let you have this data but you need it across all your partner programs.

Using affiliate dashboard for real-time data

Just keep in mind that most affiliate programs in 2024 do NOT have real-time data for your sales, clicks and commissions. It is rare to have real-time data but otherwise you can expect data every 24 hours and sometimes by the hour.

Analyzing ROI

Analyzing ROI (Return on Investment) really comes down to mapping your EPC (Earnings Per Click). It is the most important metric in affiliate marketing.

Calculating earnings against promotional costs

Calculating earnings against promotional costs offers a means of knowing how profitable you are in your affiliate business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a SaaS company, what is the best affiliate software for me to use to start my own SaaS affiliate program?

I highly recommend a software called Reditus which not only gives you a platform to launch your SaaS partner program but they also have an affiliate network filled with Saas affiliates!

What are SaaS affiliate networks I can join?

A few SaaS affiliate networks off of the top of my head are:

  • Reditus
  • PartnerStack