Some of you that know conversion rate optimization (CRO) will know about heatmaps and A/B split testing. Now what about AI heatmap tools?

They are a thing and they are here to stay. What's great bout these heatmap software tools is that they are nearly all free!

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What are heatmaps?

Heatmap tools show what users are focusing on for a website and this can be done with eye tracking heatmaps or data tools to track mouse movements.

What are AI heatmaps and how to apply to your web page

AI heatmaps are tools where you don't need to install any heatmap software on your website or app. You can either type in the website address or upload a screenshot of your page elements and it will process a heat map on the spot.

How do AI heatmap tools work?

It is believed that most of these click tracking heatmaps use data collection on heatmap examples to predict what any heatmap could look like on a site. A heatmap will higlight web page elements that should convert well and elements that have poor conversion. The name of the game is to understand user engagement without having to sacrifice your users behavior in the name of testing.

Using AI heatmaps on your competitor's web pages

Want to know how your web page compares with your competition? Run a few quick scans using any of the website heatmap tools listed below and you'll get your answers very quickly. Many of the top ranking websites have invested into higher converting landing pages.

4 Best AI heatmap tools

Just listing the best heatmap software tools reviewed are as follows.

  1. Howuku
  2. Zyro
  3. VWO
  4. Neurons


I'm placing Howuku as the top tool on this list because it was one of the first to generate heatmaps with AI that I tested and it was very fast. You just type in the URL of the website you want to analyze and it will highlight the page elements that are hot or cold. From these dynamic heatmaps, you can quickly assess the conversion rate any page would have.

Howuku is also a direct competitor to Hotjar and that means you get all the regular benefits of heatmap software.

Howuku is definitely one of the best free heatmap software tools around.


  • Pricing is very competitive starting at $24/month
  • Significantly cheaper than Hotjar


  • The AI heatmap tool doesn't seem to give you the ability to view heatmaps in mobile apps or mobile devices.


Zyro is another favourite because the heatmap features are given to you by simply uploading a screenshot. This means you can upload images of mobile apps and mobile devices.

Zyro has made this cool AI heatmap tool to pull you into their other products that includes a business website builder. Zyro simply isn't know for their heat maps per say but the site is seemingly owned by Hostinger and overall they have some tools that includes AI blog title generator, AI writer, an image resizer and a logo maker. If you're looking for anything else to do with feedback tools like session replays, heat mapping or eye tracking, Zyro is not the place. You should check out sites like Howuku, VWO or Hotjar.

Without a doubt I'd consider Zyro one of the best free heatmap software tools you can find.


  • Simply free
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't seem to have a limitation for using this heatmap software tool


They don't have any other heatmap software beyond their AI tool


VWO is a massive company. At the time of writing, they had over 250 employees listed on the VWO LinkedIn page. VWO hails itself as more A/B split testing software and eye tracking heatmaps with actionable insights are what make this software so powerful.

Some of the advanced features of VWO include personalization, web analytics and analytics tools to learn how to improve your conversion rate.

VWO is considered a top conversion rate optimization platform for what it does in helping analyze user activity. There is a free trial and you can book a demo to test drive the software.


  • VWO are considered one of the leaders in conversion rate optimization software
  • Their tools track user sessions, track user behavior and help with usability testing


  • If you want to try the ai heat mapping software for free, you have to fill out the form
  • VWO heatmap and A/B split testing software is expensive!

Neurons, was VisualEyes previously

Neurons is a product I've never heard of but they acquired a fairly decently sized company called VisualEyes which is another choice of heatmap tools available. Aside from having their session recording feature, it does session recordings on individual products. This is a unique approach where most mouse tracking tools will focus on the whole website, not the effectiveness of product placement.

That would make Neurons in a unique category of their own and one of the best heatmap tools around. The key features of this app are a different take of heatmap solutions that apply more to products and advertising than for sites, especially affiliate sites.

Neurons does tout itself of having AI capabilities but they might not be the ones you would typically expect compared with a Zyro or Howuku. You can book a demo with them and I'm unsure if you get a free trial at all.


  • Works on websites as well as products
  • AI predictive analysis on products and web pages


  • Couldn't find pricing on their site, likely expensive

Hotjar and heatmap tool alternatives

Hotjar doesn't seem to have AI heatmaps but they are one the top . They also have a free trial you can use. Hotjar is more than just a heatmap tool, it has other features including surveys, interviews and recordings so you can see users scroll in the session recording tool.

List of Hotjar alternatives

  • Mousflow
  • Lucky Orange
  • Crazy Egg
  • Glassbox
  • Smartlook
  • LogRocket
  • FullStory
  • Plerdy