Does anybody remember the 80s classic movie The Goonies?

In the 80s, life was a lot simpler. We didn't have the internet to help us with anything.

The term API was actually coined in the 70s and its use cases accelerated with the rise of the internet in the 90s. In the early 2000s, companies like eBay, Amazon and Salesforce all advanced their eCommerce business with API. Fast forward to 2023 and oddly enough it seems that we still don't have enough APIs available from about half of the affiliate programs that we support. 

I made this meme of Sloth from The Goonies movie. No, that is not a picture of Al Gore inventing the internet. You see, I’ve been calling for more affiliate programs and affiliate software platforms to provide API to help you get your data. You can see a list of affiliate programs that have API or not. 

It is the past calling out to the industry today hoping tomorrow we’ll have more API support. So thank you Sloth for helping us with our mission! Sorry Al Gore but no credits for you. 

If you want to help this cause, we have an iGaming affiliate survey that we created to ask what data features are important to you. So please fill it out and share it with others you think would find useful. The summary of the survey data will be published at a later day. 

Why do we care so much about API?

When you connect with programs in StatsDrone, you’re less likely to experience problems with API than using scraping, as in username with password. API is more secure and simply put, it should be the future of giving your data to you.

Simply put, getting your data with API just almost never fails. 

474 programs supported with API and counting

We have close to 980 programs supported with scraping and as of today we support 474 affiliate programs with API. We hope to add another 100 more in the next 2 months. 

2FA is here to stay

You may have noticed more and more programs are requiring 2FA to access your account. We support this because it is all in the name of security. 2FA causes issues in connecting with programs using scraping which is why we are encouraging all app users to switch to API when you can.

If you need help doing this, we have some instructions on specific programs or certain software, like Cellxpert or MyAffiliates. 

Speaking of 2FA, we have also built 2FA into the StatsDrone app so you can secure your account with us.

Affiliates, is API data important to you?

Our previous LinkedIn poll we had some interesting initial results and comments. 

You can see by the poll results, people felt strongly that API data is important. The results featured some industry veterans as well as affiliate managers but plenty of affiliates expressed how important it is fo them. 

The StatsDrone app has about 50% support of the total affiliate programs covered that have API. Shaun O'Neill thinks more programs have it but operators and affiliate managers are not aware of what it is and how it works. 

Trevis Waters, COO of Bet Karma, more or less stated he won't work with affiliate programs that don't have API data. 

What kind of questions will you find in the survey?

  • Is API data important to you as an affiliate
  • What data features are important to you: API, dynamic variables, postbacks, real-time data
  • Which are your favourite affiliate programs
  • Which is your favourite affiliate program software
  • How many affiliate programs do you work with
  • Which industries in affiliate marketing do you work in

You can fill out the iGaming affiliate survey here