How did you get into data analytics and what part of your work do you enjoy the most?

I developed a strong affinity for data early on, recognizing its potential to drive impactful business decisions. Pursuing data analytics was a natural fit for me, as I've always been intrigued by the insights it can provide. The aspect of my work that I enjoy the most is harnessing data to uncover meaningful patterns and trends, ultimately empowering organizations to make informed decisions that drive success.

What surprises you about the entire iGaming industry as a whole as an industry itself as well as how things are from a tech perspective?

What surprises me about the iGaming industry as a whole is its rapid evolution and adaptability to technological advancements. The industry constantly embraces new technologies such as AI, VR, and blockchain to enhance the gaming experience and stay ahead of consumer demands. From a tech perspective, I'm amazed by the industry's ability to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovations into various aspects of gameplay, from live dealer games to mobile gaming experiences, creating immersive and engaging platforms for players worldwide.

It is impossible to not have an AI question related to data so what is your take on AI when it comes to combining this with affiliate marketing data and what projects do you think companies can do to get started?

AI combined with affiliate marketing data offers opportunities for predictive analytics, dynamic pricing, personalized content, fraud detection, and customer segmentation, enabling companies to optimize strategies and drive growth.

How do you use AI tools in your current work flow or for testing AI tools in working with data?

AI can be used for tasks like predictive analytics and natural language processing in my workflow. For testing, I assess their accuracy and efficiency with different data sets to ensure they meet project requirements.

According to this article on Yahoo Finance that the affiliate marketing platform industry will grow from USD $16.2 Billion in 2023 to USD $38.3 Billion in 2030. Do you think data analytics will be a major factor in this growth?

Absolutely, data analytics will be a major factor in the growth of the affiliate marketing platform industry. As the industry expands, companies will increasingly rely on data analytics to optimize their marketing strategies, improve targeting, and enhance overall performance. By leveraging data analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling them to make more informed decisions and drive higher ROI from their affiliate marketing efforts. Therefore, data analytics will play a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of the affiliate marketing platform industry as it continues to grow.

What books, resources, blogs and communities do you follow to stay on top of trends in Business Intelligence and data analytics?

To stay updated on trends in Business Intelligence and data analytics, I regularly follow books like "Data Science for Business" by Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett, resources such as Harvard Business Review's articles on data analytics, blogs like KDnuggets and Towards Data Science, and communities like Data Science Central and LinkedIn groups focused on BI and data analytics. These resources provide valuable insights and keep me informed about the latest developments and best practices in the field.

With your new role as Head of BI and analytics at StatsDrone, what are you looking forward to in that role with them?

In my new role as Head of BI and Analytics at StatsDrone, I'm excited about the opportunity to lead and innovate in the field of business intelligence and analytics. I look forward to leveraging data-driven insights to drive strategic decision-making, optimize operations, and drive growth for StatsDrone. Additionally, I'm eager to collaborate with talented teams to develop and implement cutting-edge analytics solutions that deliver value to our clients and stakeholders. Overall, I'm excited to contribute to StatsDrone's success and help shape its future in the rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics