I've been using Statsdrone since it launched, and I was surprised to see just one month in just how beneficial it has ended up being already.

First some background - Statsdrone isn't a tool I felt I needed for my day to day work. These days, I focus on less than 10 igaming affiliate programs and am quite used to logging in each day to check everything within their backends.

I primarily signed up for Statsdrone because of my history; I have been in affiliate marketing since the late 90s. Over that time I have registered at over 200 active affiliate programs.

Many of them are programs I don't promote too often, but still get some promotion and mentions at my monster casino site, Casino Answers, or on some of my other websites.

So I signed up with Statsdrone just to keep track of those on a daily basis, rather than doing a check once per month. I've tried other software but haven't been impressed with the cost, or how outdated or complicated the UI seemed.

Statsdrone was clean, fast and economical.

I got in the habit of checking my usual affiliate programs one by one in the morning as per usual, then later in the day having a quick glance at Statsdrone. No real reason - just one of those habits you ease into over time. I'm very glad it worked out that way!

On July 14th, 2021 I logged into my usual programs at 5am and looked at the data. Then around 11am that day, I logged in to Statsdrone.

And I did a double take.

A sportsbook affiliate that I don't really work with anymore had amassed 13 new depositors since I last checked, 24 hours prior. This program might only get me 1-2 signups per month if that.

I quickly looked into it, ready to report to Statsdrone about the reporting error. Yet there was no error - this program was picking up legitimate depositors like crazy. Even though it is a sportsbook I find really struggles to convert.

Looking into it, I realized that I still had a link to them in my article on Where To Bet the British Open, a major Golf tournament.

The British Open was beginning the next day, and thanks to Statsdrone I was able to see that it was attracting lots of new gamblers looking to bet on it.

As I said - this program isn't one I normally promote for a variety of reasons. So I was able to immediately change the marketing on that page.

I changed to a sportsbook I work with which is much better for new gamblers. I was also able to set up a golf landing page for them, and then within an hour they whipped up a specific landing page tailored to new gamblers looking to bet the Open.

Those are the sort of things we really need to do as affiliates - maximum optimization. And I reaped the rewards. This particular sportsbook normally gets 1-5 new depositors per day unless there is a big event, in which case it reaches double figures.

Due to these changes, I was able to get over 300 new depositors overnight just prior to The Open.

All of that was due to Statsdrone. If I hadn't been using Statsdrone, I would have been unaware of all the signups at the weaker sportsbook until the end of the month.

By then it would have been a greatly missed opportunity.

Instead thanks to Statsdrone I was able to drive more players to one sportsbook in 12 hours than I normally do in a month.

In the space of just under a couple of weeks. Statsdrone has changed from just a slightly beneficial, time saving tool to an invaluable tool for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other money making surprises Statsdrone has for me in the future.