Eric Siu is the host of the Leveling Up podcast and co-host of the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel. He's got over 100 million downloads of his own podcast.

I gotta thank Michał Suski for the intro. When I met Michał at Brighton SEO, he was like "you gotta talk to Eric Siu about programmatic SEO". So I did!

Applying programmatic SEO for affiliate sites

How much time did we dedicate to programmatic SEO? I think we maybe covered the topic for 5 minutes but Eric has a simple take on it that I think many affiliates overlook.

Podcasting for B2B and affiliates

Eric Siu thinks the podcasting space is now getting crowded and his take is that he's looking to zig when everyone else is doing a zag. 

How to reach Eric Siu

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