I’m at a loss for words in celebrating that StatsDrone has won the award for Best Tech For Affiliates at the iGB Awards 2024!

There is no award without acknowledging 2 groups of people: the developers and team at StatsDrone and the affiliates that use the software. Let’s talk about you, the affiliate.

Our users have been giving us feedback since day 1 when when we took our first paying customer in early 2021. Back then our app was a good MVP for getting affiliate stats and we had a mix of users that had never used a stats app before to some switching from other software. We know we can’t please everyone but having any user means we have a chance to listen. 

The first groups of users gave us all sorts of ideas and we slowly started to implement them. In 2022 we started to get more recognition and that came with more customers.

2023 our breakout year

In 2023, we stepped on the gas in having a stronger focus to build more standout USPs and features for affiliates. We took a more user-centric approach and would spend time listening to customers like you and understanding your pain points.

These are the following achievements we made in the past year that we know contributed to this award we share with you.

  • Invoice generator
  • Tagging of brands and campaigns
  • API export of data
  • Data alerts, triggers & notifications
  • Deal CRM for managing exclusive rev share, CPA & flat fees
  • Redesign by UserActive.io
  • Mobile version to see your stats anywhere, anytime

Upcoming features

  • Seats to have better user control
  • Dynamic variables & postbacks
  • Affiliate link manager & CRM
  • Revenue leak: help affiliates to stop losing money

Revenue Leak, what is it?

Revenue leak is a phrase that makes affiliates feel uncomfortable when they read it and they have an idea of what it is. 

Many years ago running affiliate sites, I remember using Stats Remote to track my affiliate stats and commissions. I also did affiliate program reviews at gaffg.com and I just felt that some of the info that could have been put into an affiliate program review could have been relayed into Stats Remote. 

Our story in creating StatsDrone

The 2 biggest pet peeves I had in running and an affiliate business was programs that closed and programs that changed tracking software.

When a program closed, it was never relayed in Stats Remote, your connection simply went dead and stayed “red” for life. 

When a program changed tracking links, sometimes you got an email saying to update your links. We all know that not all affiliates get these emails so this lead to many affiliates linking to brands where their old link has been invalidated. I knew if I published this info on my reviews, it would be futile because people don’t read reviews daily. They would however check their stats daily just like how some affiliates check Google Analytics daily. 

What does revenue leak look like including some examples?

  • When an operator changes affiliate platforms and old links are invalidated
  • When programs go out of business and old tracking links are live on sites
  • When custom revenue share, CPA or flat fee deals expire and placements are not reset
  • When Earnings Per Click (EPC) values drop on a brand or campaign

What do we plan to do about it?

We already notify our affiliates when programs are closed inside the app. In the past 2 years, we have added over 2200 iGaming affiliate programs and closed over 860. If you make a rough estimate of 1.5 brands per program, that is well over 1500 brands that have closed.

To this day, we constantly find affiliates linking out to operators that are closed. We can always find affiliates linking to brands where the old tracking link is invalid and we can easily find this using Ahrefs or Semrush. 

Affiliate BI podcast feedback

Thanks to everyone that told me they enjoyed listening to the podcast at the past London Affiliate Conference. I'm glad to hear that we have regular listeners and people are tuning in. 

I wanted to have a podcast that I would want to listen to and I'm grateful I get to interview awesome guests like Matt Diggity, Eli Schwartz, Kyle Roof, Lashay Lewis, Oliver Kenyon, Clemence Dujardin, Kevin Hartman, Chris Walker and a growing list of business celebrities I'd admire and respect. 

Congratulations to all the iGB Awards Winners for 2024

I’m thrilled for all the winners of the iGB Awards Winners 2024 and get the chance to share this win with you. Also shoutout to all the nominees that made the short list and the commended programs as well.