We’re happy to announce the launch of our iGaming affiliate tracker app, StatsDrone.

What took so long?

It is a long story but we had 3 major bottlenecks to overcome, before we could release the latest version. The first hurdle involved switching development teams to speed up development and improve the list of features upon release.

The next bottleneck is we had an app that worked but it was slow as hell. Enough said.

The last bottleneck was a big decision for us as a company which was the decision to zap the desktop app and go 100% cloud, which now provides 24/7 access for all your affiliate stats and metrics.

Our original plan was to launch as a desktop app and after a few years we would switch to cloud app with the assumption that we could convince our users it was the right thing. Also we figured people would get used to cloud apps as they became more normal.

The desktop app we developed was working great, but we decided to upgrade it in favour of 100% cloud. That decision was based on the fact that both fixing bugs and making improvements on the app is done significantly faster as a web app, while remaining true to modern SaaS applications.

What we have in mind is to make StatsDrone an essential app for affiliates like you. An app that you can’t live without that saves you a significant amount of time and money every month. The StatsDrone App is the first project we are launching and we will be making announcements of enhancements to the app as well as launching other affiliate tools.

As a thank you for being one of the first onboard, we’ll give you 30 days free (link) to test every feature currently available!

We are excited to be able to build tools for you in order to change the affiliate marketing industry. We welcome all suggestions and improvements to our tools and we invite you to follow us to learn of future announcements.