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Marketing Communications Executive (Marcom)

10 December 21

Marketing Communications Executive (Marcom)

Why should you consider applying for this job with us? At StatsDrone we are a tech startup in the affiliate marketing space. We have very ambitious goals and we want someone that can take on the role seriously and be part of a growing team.

We are a remote company with our HQ based in the energetic city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

The role of Marketing Communications Executive is more than an outreach or sales position. We need someone to make relationships with affiliate programs and companies that run affiliate conferences. The keywords associated with this job are networking and quality. That is you believe in quality over quantity when it comes to outreach.

Your roles

  • You’ll be coordinating with affiliate programs to strengthen our partnerships with them
  • Making contra deals with various events in the affiliate marketing space
  • Managing our company’s social media accounts for IG, Twitter, FB and LinkedIn
  • Help us establish a CRM for managing these contacts and deals
  • Making deals and delivering results


  • Take ownership for your work including wins and losses
  • Excellent people person skills
  • that includes good spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Creative problem solver
  • Proactive drive for generating results
  • Able to work independent and in a team environment


  • Being part of a startup filled with potential
  • Working with experienced and talented individuals that are eager to pass on knowledge
  • Gain unique experience you won’t find with other jobs
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Potential to grow with us and expand your career

At StatsDrone we are a company that values our employees. Our core values of our company include accountability, ownership, leadership, being cost-conscious, being mindful of the environment and simplicity.  

StatsDrone Company Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Ownership
  • Cost-conscious
  • Environment
  • Simplicity
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership

Accountability - taking accountability for your work, how you interact with customers and the team. Hold yourself accountable to the highest degree.

Ownership - we want people to take ownership of their work which includes paying attention to the wins and losses in work. 

Cost-conscious -  This key value holds true for the company, our employees and our customers. In being cost-conscious, we are indirectly addressing environmental issues in terms of waste. We challenge ourselves and others to get more for less without having to sacrifice on quality. For our customers we strive to have fair and competitive prices such that they can be cost-conscious and have more money to spend on their business. 

Environment - We only have one planet and we have to look after it.