Please make sure that you have given the correct and full affiliate program name and URL so we can fulfil your request. It is important that the given URL address to point directly to the affiliate program site itself which is meant to be used by affiliates and not some other related site (online casino, sports betting, blog, etc.) that is meant for end users.
Filling out your contact details will allow us to reach out to you once your request has been fulfilled or in case we need some more essential information. Providing any additional details on who are you in the affiliate marketing space and why are you requesting the particular affiliate program will help us a lot in handling your request in a proper and timely manner.
If you have the ability to share the login or API credentials of a test account for the affiliate program that you’re requesting, you can provide those as additional information and you can be certain that this will help us out a lot and significantly shorten the technical time needed to fulfill your request.
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