Trackier Affiliate Programs List & Software

Trackier is a leader affiliate stats and tracking platform that covers numerous industries as well as affiliate networks. 

What I do know about the software is that it is backed by some smart, hard working people that are passionate about affiliate marketing. I see these team members are many affiliate conferences around the world and they like a challenge.

Starting off with our list of supported Trackier affiliate programs in StatsDrone. 

Affiliate Program
Software Commissions Available in StatsDrone API Support Category
Betzmark Partners
Betzmark Partners Trackier

40% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Bingoemcasa Affiliates
Bingoemcasa Affiliates Trackier

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
loomie Trackier

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join
Master Affiliates
Master Affiliates Trackier

20% - 35% Revenue Share

Yes Yes Gambling Review Join

About Trackier

Trackier is founded by Faizan Ayubi, Udit Verma and Hemant Mann and was founded in 2017. You can follow a cool story about how Trackier bootstrapped their startup as shared on the SaaS Club blog. 

Over the years the company has been growing which in 2024 is around 100 employees. 

You'll have no problem finding Trackier at the next affiliate conference as they are often seen at events and usually have a booth. 

Alternatives to Trackier

I'd say a few comparable affiliate software would be companies like Affise, Post Affiliate Pro and Everflow as both do affiliate programs, affiliate networks and help with tracking tech for affiliates too. 

, July 2, 2024