Press release: 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

February 2, 2023

StatsDrone has officially announced the launch of their affiliate program called StatsDrone Partners. The affiliate program pays out 20% commission every month for the first 12 months. The recurring revenue is credited after 30 days from the initial subscription payment and payments are made by PayPal ewallet. There is a 30 day cookie policy with the last click counted.

The affiliate program aims to reward existing users with the ability to refer-a-friend and get paid for sending referrals. 

What is StatsDrone?

The app allows iGaming affiliates to aggregate all their affiliate commissions so you don’t have to manually login to check how much money you’ve earned. The app can pull the data every day and it can even show account balances if you have unpaid commissions that need to be claimed. 

The affiliate backend uses proprietary software developed in-house by StatsDrone. The data given to affiliates shows clicks, registrations, sales, FTDs (or NDCs), commissions earned and many more key datapoints and KPI’s to measure performance. The app currently supports over 800 affiliate programs with over 300 available using API.

Simply register as an affiliate and create an account. Your application will be manually reviewed by an affiliate manager and will get a response usually within 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll be able to login and get your tracking links that you can add to your website or share with a friend or within your community. All affiliates can take any screenshots of the website or app and are free to use any videos from the StatsDrone YouTube channel. 

Affiliates that are approved can also request a custom written article to publish on their site promoting StatsDrone. The article can be promotional talking about the benefits of the stats app and how it solves problems for webmasters to educational talking about tools and resources for affiliates. 

You can also request to have an interview with CEO & Co-founder John Wright to talk about all the benefits and features that affiliate marketers will love. 

Why should iGaming affiliates use StatsDrone?

The app simply saves affiliates a ton of time. If you work with 10 or more affiliate programs, then the app will give you your daily data including clicks, FTDs, CPAs and revenue commissions earned. Stay on top of your data and know when programs are performing to send more traffic and to pay attention to under-performing campaigns. The StatsDrone app saves affiliates time and gives them the Business Intelligence they need to optimize their traffic. 

All affiliates can choose to book a demo to learn more about how to onboard with the app and about the best features. 

Learn more about the affiliate program here or click here to register