We have 2 features are are close to rolling out and features we've been working hard on in the past month. 

  1. Self hosted data
  2. Support for US licensed affiliate programs

Self hosted data

Yes, you asked for it, and we finally got to it!

Many affiliates have stated they would use StatsDrone only if their data could be stored on their servers. I totally get it. I remember back in the day when adge.com launched their affiliate stats aggregator that was cloud based. Many affiliates in forums said they wouldn't trust their data owned by another affiliate. Of course that software has been made private as it is owned by the Gambling.com group. 

At one point we made a desktop version of the site to make it more implied that your data was stored locally. We moved away from our desktop app because it simply made more sense in our ability to add features and fix any bugs. Now the missing piece of the puzzle is being a cloud app while allowing users to store their own data. 

If you are interested in being one of the first users to test out this feature, send us a message inside the app and our of our developers can walk you through the process. 

Support for US licensed casino & sportsbook affiliate programs

Our app works by scraping data from the affiliate program backends or through API. The problem with API is not all softwares will support this, or they make getting it extremely difficult. Like needing your affiliate manager to provide it when some affiliate managers take a long time to reply to messages.

Perhaps the more unfortunate situation is when programs only provide data in CSV format. For many US legal iGaming affiliate programs, this is the way in which they give their stats to affiliates. This won't be forever but many programs simply wanted to have a program live.

We have decided to at least build a CSV import where you can do this for any program. 

If you want to know which US casino or sportsbook affiliate programs will be next, follow us on social media or see a chat message in the app.