Meet Olga Zarr who runs the SEOSLY podcast and SEO newsletter. She was a big fan of AI tools and now shares her experience in working with AI tools for a year in how to blend AI with a human element. 

She did have a few things to say about Craig Campbell but trust me, they were all positive. 

What's inside this SEO focused podcast episode?

In this episode of the Affiliate BI Podcast, host John Wright welcomes Olga Zarr, a seasoned SEO consultant and host of the SEO Sly podcast. Olga shares her journey from starting a translation company to diving deep into SEO after building her own website. Her initial fascination with the potential of earning through AdSense and Amazon led her to create multiple sites, although many were hit by Google's Penguin and Panda updates. Despite these setbacks, Olga's passion for SEO has only grown over the years, to the point that she now runs a very popular SEO podcast called SEOSLY.

Olga and John discuss the evolving landscape of SEO, particularly the integration of AI tools like ChatGPT and their impact on content creation. Olga expresses a cautious optimism, noting that while AI can assist with SEO tasks and content generation, it cannot replace the human element essential for brand-centric businesses. She shares her experiments with AI-generated content on new websites and her mixed results, emphasizing the importance of human oversight in creating quality content.

The conversation shifts to the niche of iGaming SEO, where Olga points out the secretive nature of the industry due to the high stakes involved. She observes that many successful affiliates in this space prefer to remain anonymous to avoid attracting competitors or copycats. This leads to a broader discussion on the challenges and opportunities within affiliate marketing, especially in highly competitive niches.

Olga also highlights the importance of business intelligence tools like Looker Studio for providing actionable insights to clients. She explains how customizing dashboards according to client needs can significantly enhance their understanding of SEO performance and drive better business decisions. Let's just say who doesn't love a Looker Studio dashboard?

The episode delves into the future of affiliate marketing, with Olga suggesting a focus on creating niche websites around personal interests and leveraging her SEO expertise to drive traffic and conversions. She acknowledges the uncertainties in the affiliate market but remains interested in exploring this avenue further.

Throughout the conversation, Olga and John exchange views on the power of multimedia content, particularly podcasts and YouTube videos, in building personal brand and authority in the SEO space. They agree on the potential of repurposing content across different platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

In conclusion, Olga shares her contact information and invites listeners to connect with her through her website, social media channels, and the SEO Sly newsletter and podcast. The episode wraps up with a mutual appreciation for the insights shared and the ongoing evolution of SEO and affiliate marketing.

Check out her website too.

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