Glossary - StatsDrone keywords, definitions and acronyms

These are some of the more common keywords and terminology you'll encounter in affiliate marketing as well as other definitions and acronyms you'll find on this website and in the StatsDrone app. 

Affiliate Manager

An essential team member within an operator's affiliate program responsible for acting as an account manager dedicated to fostering and optimizing affiliate relationships.

Affiliate Program

The dedicated department within a business enterprise focused on identifying, engaging, and cultivating partnerships with affiliate marketers.


An individual or business entity in a business relationship with one or more affiliate programs, possessing the capability to channel relevant traffic that converts into customers. Compensation is provided for successful referrals.


Stands for Application Programming Interface which allows for a secure transmission of data between applications. 


The coding language used for banners, which may include HTML or Javascript for banner codes to be copied & pasted on the affiliate’s website.  Once live, when the banner is clicked, it directs the traffic to the operators website along with the affiliate's unique tracking to attribute the click and the player to the affiliate.


Also referred to as offers, bonuses Incentives offered to customers, typically when they make real-money deposits. Examples include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashbacks, rebates, free spins, and loyalty bonuses, often subject to specific terms and conditions and wagering requirements before withdrawal.