High Paying Affiliate Program list for 2024

38 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs - Highest Paying for 2024

Everyone wants to chase the highest paying affiliate programs. Knowing which programs have the highest earnings per click (EPC) is hard to know without some research and experience.

My research comes from 4 different sources of data.

  1. Researching data from publicly traded affiliate companies
  2. Affiliate marketing industry research
  3. Discussion with affiliate managers
  4. Studying PPC (paid media) data

With all of that said, there are some affiliate niches that might not be high paying but have less competition. Keep in mind that the programs listed here are high paying affiliate programs but it doesn't mean you can't find your competitive advantage for converting your traffic into big ticket sales.

Highest paying affiliate marketing niches

What niches in affiliate marketing pay the highest commissions? By default, most people think that gambling affiliate programs pay the highest and that is somewhat true. One of the best paying niches is the casino affiliate programs niche and you can read more on the best casino affiliate programs page we have. The other high paying niches are usually in the finance space like forex affiliate programs, ewallet affiliate programs and personal finance. Our sports betting affiliate programs page is also a very popular one. 

What makes a good affiliate program partner?

The highest paying affiliate programs almost all have high CPA for commission plans while some of them have recurring commissions with revenue share.

It does help that you're promoting a product, service or brand that makes you look good. That is you're associating with a good brand so it makes you look good too. Keep in mind that your visitors might have been looking at your competition's website so if they see similar recommended affiliate programs, it might help you make a sale.


Semrush affiliate program

Semrush is one of the biggest SEO tools on the market. Semrush can cost as much as $499/month and higher on a custom plan. Affiliates can get CPA payments in the $200 to $350 range.

Senuto affiliate program

Senuto is an up and coming SEO tool that is an alternative to Ahrefs and an alternative to Semrush. The advantage of promoting Senuto is that many SEO pros might have an account with Ahrefs or Semrush so this is a chance to convert a user to something new. You won't have to deal with legacy users that you can't resell to.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world with likely well over 1,000,000 affiliates. The reason why the Amazon affiliate program makes the list here is you can find expensive items on Amazon that constantly get sales.

You can research what people are buying on Amazon and look for specific product niches and adjust the price range. The commissions with Amazon might be in the low percentages but margins for products are never the best but you can still generate significant commissions by targeting the right products.

eBay Partner Network

I'm personally not a fan of eBay anymore as I think the process of listing items is simply too expensive for a regular user. That said, what eBay is great for is selling unique rare items and expensive items as an alternative to Amazon.

Bet365 Partners

Now we are talking! The Bet365 affiliate program is one of the biggest gambling affiliate programs around. The gambling industry often refers to itself as iGaming which is not to be confused with actual gaming as in video games.

What makes the Bet365 affiliate program a high ticket affiliate program is that they offer recurring commission through revenue share commission. That is, if you refer a player that deposits $10,000 per month and loses it all, that qualifies as an FTD (first time depositing player) where at 30% commission you could be earning $3,000 per month.

Just a note, in the iGaming industry people use FTD and NDC interchangeably where FTD is first time depositing player and NDC is new depositing customer.

HubSpot Affiliate

The HubSpot affiliate program is high paying because some of their CRM tools can be very expensive. For you as a CRM affiliate, that could mean 30% commission for up to the first year. It isn't lifetime commission but it is still a decent offer none the less.

Other alternatives to Hubspot that also have an affiliate program include:

  • PipeDrive Affiliate Partnership Program
  • Salesforce Partners
  • affiliates

Villiers the private jet affiliate program

Who doesn't want an affiliate commission for a private jet, right?

How much can you make with this affiliate program? According to their FAQ, quite a bit.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn an uncapped 30% profit share on each flight they introduce, in addition to recurring revenue from future bookings made by referred clients. Our top affiliates consistently earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, while many affiliates earn over $5,000 monthly. It is important to note that while significant earnings are achievable, there are also affiliates who may not generate any earnings at all.

Shopify affiliate program

Shopify can be high paying and it just depends on what you're selling. Shopify by default is a big affiliate network and you might have an ability to capitalize on this with low competition especially in a local sense.


PartnerStack is an affiliate program platform and they also happen to be an affiliate network. Many SaaS companies use PartnerStack because they have thousands of SaaS affiliates in their network. Is definitely one of the programs to think about in the SaaS affiliate programs space.


You can't talk about ParnterStack without knowing whom Reditus are! Reditus are an alternative to PartnerStack and their onboarding process for setting up your SaaS affiliate program is fast.

That might not have anything to do with you as an affiliate other than Reditus are growing fast and have a growing network of SaaS tools to promote. If you want to know about the newest SaaS company to promote, being in the Reditus affiliate network will get you access to know what is launched.


Teachable is interesting because their pricing page shows a $199/month pricing plan and their Teachable Affiliate Program Partner site shows 30% recurring commissions which is solid. The education space is one that is growing over time and education goes well with other niches including the SaaS niche.


ShareASale is owned by AWIN and is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. Personally I think ShareASale needs a major refresh when you look at other big affiliate networks like but they have a big catalogue of products and services.

One critique I will have about ShareASale is their backend is using ColdFusion which is very outdated. You get your tracking links and banners and to be fair, wouldn't recommend anybody use banners as most adblockers will block these things.


Also referred to as, Impact are one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. They have numerous categories covered so finding more affiliate programs to work with is easy.

How big is the company? At the time of writing, LinkedIn showed 2600 people that are active at


I have not personally worked with FlexOffers before but I see their name everywhere and a lot of other sites that review affiliate programs, networks and talk about all the high paying affiliate programs.

Tips for Success with High Paying Affiliate Programs

High paying affiliate programs prefer to work with partners that make their branding look good too. So if you have a site that looks like a banner farm without any effort put in to either make it look good or be a valuable resource for potential buyers, then expect the cold shoulder.

Also if you're a new affiliate, rather than signing up to programs expecting to be approved, focus on making your site more interesting. Otherwise you might have your application rejected.

What is a good affiliate program to start with as a beginner?

This is a great question but we have to take it a step back which is the same thing as which is a good program for any affiliate niche. Pick your niche first then find out what is the best program to work with.

A small amount of research will give you a good idea of which programs are likely worth your time. If most of the competition promote 5 brands prominently, you can assume those are the best paying ones as it is rare affiliates will promote respected brands that don't pay well.

How to choose the best program as an affiliate marketer

The niche you decide to work with will determine which set of affiliate programs are ones you'd want to work with. You should always do niche research so you understand how competitive that niche is and how much search volume exists for it as well.