AffiliateINSIDER Elevate Summit

In the iGaming world there are not so many events for affiliates or that are focused on this area, although there is one that stood out this year called the 'AffiliateINSIDER Amplify Summit' for this reason AffiliateINSIDER made the decision to organize another similar conference.

AffiliateINSIDER Elevate is the event that will be held soon so that affiliates can attend and gain knowledge from different experts who will be presenting, including John Wright, CEO of StatsDrone.

What is AffiliateINSIDER?

AffiliateINSIDER is a company that aims to improve the world of Affiliate Marketing so that affiliates have more opportunities for growth and better ways to connect, either through the digital world or physical events.

This company, in addition to having information media such as podcasts and content centers, also offers its clients consulting to help their brands grow and develop in this industry as good as possible.

Although AffiliateINSIDER was founded in 2018, this company has worked with different brands, among these PokerStars and PepperStone, which guarantees that it is a reliable and good quality company.

What is the AffiliateINSIDER Elevate event about?

AffliateINSIDER not only offers the services mentioned above but has also started to make events for all people interested in Affiliate Marketing can attend, one of them is AffiliateINSIDER Elevate.

This event is focused on affiliates or those who want to start getting involved in this world. This summit will be attended by experts from different parts of the world, who have extensive experience in digital marketing and affiliate marketing, and who will share their experience and knowledge.

In addition to this, there will also be master classes, expert panels, virtual networking, virtual learning center and a virtual exposition. Those who choose to attend will also have hours of content, training, insights and strategies that will be delivered directly and live by industry experts.

This event is the perfect space for affiliates to make connections with people who can help them grow in this world. Moreover, this event helps affiliates stay updated on what's happening in the industry. 

How to buy a ticket?

Elevate Summit June 14

This event will be held on June 14 and 15, and it will be organized in a hybrid way, those who wish to attend physically can go to London, UK.

Although early bird tickets were available until May 13, it is likely that another sale will be available soon. For more information about the tickets and the event, please visit the following website:

Conclusion: Why should I go to this summit? 

If you are an affiliate and want to gain more knowledge in this area this is the perfect event to do so, as well as for beginners it is also the right place to learn and create important connections.

This event being focused on affiliates is going to have a range of experts who have specialized in this area for years to educate the guests.

There is no doubt that this event will be one of the best affiliate events to be held this year, so don't miss the opportunity to attend.

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