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What is Casivo and what inspired you to set it up?

Casivo.se is the first site we started in Sweden and UK back in 2017 with the thought of making a site which was easy, user-friendly and fast with some features which other sites were lacking, where we could fill a gap. Fast forward to 2021 we decided to head west, where we’re now present in Canada. We also went in a bit of a different route with the brand of Casivo compared to other affiliates, having radio and tv commercials done for it makes it kind of unique in that space.

Isn’t the casino affiliate space too saturated to get started? What caused you to jump in the deep end?

It’s saturated for sure but with a good product I believe it doesn't matter. Starting in 2017 we did fast, easily accessible sites which I think is one of our strengths, other than just presenting a bonus with bad content. I think the licensing systems that came into place also did a lot for the space in different geos, both good and bad.

What would you say to others that are working for a company and having thoughts about doing their own affiliate sites?

Start out small and try stuff out, there are tons of niches where practicing your SEO skills doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Stay up to date by reading forums, blogs, Googles own guidelines and patents. You don't necessarily need all the flashy SEO tools either, though it helps from day-to-day tasks. I also believe chatGPT can help for various tasks and it will be interesting to see where SEO is heading with the rise of AI products.

Was it difficult making the jump from a secure job to becoming your own boss?

I wouldn’t say so, if you have a tight group of professionals with like minded goals, you don’t just have more fun but I think saves a lot of headaches that tends to happen to larger corporations as they scale. At Novitana everyone is their own boss as they take care of their own products full stop, which gives ownership and more flexibility. I think it’s a more fun way of working.

What are your 2023 plans for Novitana?

I hope we can bring something fun and new when it comes to our online casino guide in Casivo to the Canadian audience instead of being just another site in the niche. We are also launching sites towards LATAM in 2023 with another brand of ours. It’s an interesting market and I'm excited to see how it will develop in the near future.

Which is your favourite affiliate program software and why?

NetRefer and IncomeAcces as it’s active for the majority of all brands. There are

however casinos who build their own platforms which I think work fantastic.

What could affiliate programs do to be better?

I think a lot of operators would be better off by going with the bigger programs instead of doing their own, some systems are great but others are lacking both data and UX. It can be a tedious task for us as affiliates to learn yet another system.

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