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Congrats on becoming CEO at Epicorns!

Thank you very much, I’m very excited with this new challenge and I’m very optimistic about the upcoming projects. It is a pleasure to participate in this interview with StatsDrone, as well as to be able to share my experience with your readers.

You’ve gone from working for a major telecom to a smaller organization, how different are things?

Some of the most remarkable differences are related to the flexibility and scope that a digital and smaller company entails.

The affiliate market and specifically the iGaming market, being in full growth and regulation process, requires the ability to quickly adapt to new market conditions and to be up-to-date continuously. This implies that the decision-making process is much more dynamic.

In addition, a digital company has a great global projection, while telecommunications operators generally have geographic restrictions on most of their services.

Epicorns has been in the market for more than 7 years and, being a digital native company, has not had the inconvenience of adapting to remote work that many other companies have suffered after Covid. This has allowed us to be more competitive and recruit profiles that might be difficult to find locally.

Likewise, remote relationships also imply a challenge and extra effort in work methodologies, communication, and engagement between teams, which is why we continue to learn, innovate, and improve in this regard.

On the other hand, large companies usually require more specialized profiles, while smaller companies look for multi-disciplinary people and internal hierarchies are flatter, allowing easier access between teams.

Lastly, being in such a fast-growing company, some processes and structures need to be optimized and organized, compared to a company that has been in the market much longer, in a more traditional and stable business.

However, there are also many similarities such as an excellent internal environment, constant learning, and work methodologies applicable in both sectors.

What attracted you in taking on the role of CEO at Epicorns?

Mainly the professional and personal challenge of assuming a role with transversal impact, encouraging me to learn and reinvent myself constantly. Also, being part of the great opportunities that Epicorns is facing in a developing market is very motivating.

The founders like to share their knowledge, make people grow, and want to innovate to push Epicorns to a next level. During my short time in office, I have confirmed that it is a company open to changes, allowing me to go beyond and think outside the box.

In addition, I believe that the company has a significant social impact since some of our employees are in areas where opportunities are much scarcer and Epicorns allows them to learn, grow professionally and progress.

Finally, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and the flexibility that teleworking arises are very attractive for the new life models.

What are some of the sites within the company?

We have different websites in the company but I would highlight some recently launched in iGaming in Spain such as CasinoChase.com and Slots-online.es at the casino and slot machine sector. We also have CasasApuestasDeportivas.es which specializes in online betting.

Does the sites focus just in online gambling or other affiliate marketing industries?

For some time, we have been venturing into other market verticals such as Dating, VPN, Trading, among others. We believe that the diversification of our portfolio is key to having sustained growth over time. However, our focus is still iGaming.

We have talked about business intelligence in affiliate marketing before, do you think more affiliates will gravitate towards this topic?

Definitely, having the aggregated information is necessary to monitor the results, be able to make better decisions, improve negotiations with partners, optimize resources, and identify possible problems, among many other things. It also allows companies to react quickly to such a demanding and changing market. For all of the above, I am sure that many affiliates are increasingly looking for solutions of this type, especially as they grow, and realize that having up-to-date information can be very exhausting.

From your perspective, what is the main need about Business Intelligence on the iGaming affiliation industry?

To have a single, aggregated, and reliable source of information, which allows affiliates to extract data automatically, visualize the results graphically, and add information manually for specific cases, in order to save time, money, and optimize the processes.

2023 will be epic at Epicorns because?

We are confident that 2023 will be an epic year as we will continue to consolidate our brands in current markets while expanding into new regions, improve the scalability of our operations to shorten time to market, and explore new channels for organic growth. All of the above, continuously developing our multicultural teams and strengthening relationships with our partners.

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