Here in StatsDrone we are pleased to announce to everyone that we will take part in the iGaming for the future initiative which provides funds against Malaria and will be directed for the most affected areas of the world such as Africa and South East Asia.

Malaria is a very dangerous virus transmitted by mosquitoes, and it kills more than half a million of people each year.

The funds will be put to good use

As we previously mentioned, the funds will be used against the Malaria by buying hundreds of nets, and other materials to fight the mosquitoes. Perhaps the funds could be used to buy medical supplies, medical attention and qualified workers to install the nets.

We also invite you to participate in this initiative on your own. For just a little as $100 you can help a lot of people and even save lives.

Everyone against Malaria

Do not forget that Malaria can be anywhere, not just in Africa or Asia, because if you live in Europe or Canada and you travel to South America or even North America you can get Malaria.

In the United States of America including Florida, New Mexico, Texas and California there are reported cases of Malaria, because these states count with the perfect conditions for the proliferation of mosquitoes so do not take this lightly and bring your bug repellent and try to sleep with nets.

Remember that mosquitoes like hot and wet places, or tropical places, and they put their eggs on water, so if you live in a tropical place and see plastics with water try to throw the water to avoid the reproduction of mosquitoes.