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You are not shy in making your own videos, do you think new affiliates should embrace video more?

Video format has its pros and cons.


  • Converts much better than written content
  • Really helps you build trust and a recognizable brand (which probably contributes to the conversion)


  • Hard to scale. Writers are a plenty. Actors aren’t.

Because of this, the easier path for new affiliates is to go with a website format.

Is there another Chiang Mai SEO conference coming up?

That seems to be the word on the streets. :)

Who are some people you have taught SEO through your training and courses that have gone on to build their own future in either affiliate sites or SEO?

It’s not only difficult but egotistical to take credit for others' successes. After all, my only job is to explain concepts in a clear way and their applications.

It’s them that does all the work of putting those concepts into action.

That said, I’ll give a few examples of people that I know had no affiliate or SEO experience, that started with The Affiliate Lab and are wildly successful now.

  • Julie Adams - Runs a 6-figure monthly affiliate portfolio, nearly on complete autopilot
  • Matthew Chappers - Within a year and a half, sold an affiliate website for 7+ figures
  • Mark Valderrama - 6-figures per month while traveling the world

Which SEO tools are must have for affiliates that they should be using?

Ahrefs and Surfer. I’d quit SEO if they stopped existing.

What would your advice be to new affiliates in getting them to avoid copying sites and trying to find their own USPs?

You should copy sites. Google already shows you which sites it thinks are the best. You have a model of what you should build your site like. Why not take advantage of that?

The thing many people miss is that you need to do better than them to get to #1.

Maybe that involves better content, more data, a better UX, etc.

What excites you in SEO today?

AI and its applications to content generation.

What projects and challenges do you have in store for 2023?

CMSEO2023 for sure. It’s ironic that the biggest challenge has nothing to do with ranking websites.

But other than that, we set some pretty lofty earning targets at my media group company LeadSpring.

I did a few surveys in SEO communities asking what’s stopping more SEOs from getting into the online gambling industry as an affiliate, what do you think is holding them back?

I can only answer for myself. I find better ROI in other niches. Maybe that’s a lack of (good) experience in the casino niche… as I’ve certainly tried.

If you had to start over without a budget, what would your playbook be for getting to $10k/month net revenue? 

I made a video on that here

About Matt Diggity

Matt runs the Affiliate Lab course and also have the Affiliate SEO Mastermind Facebook group. 

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