Tracking Affiliate Commissions

The first thing that should be explained is the meaning of affiliates, which are people who have a platform with a significant number of followers and are responsible for redirecting their audience to the operator's page, which can be a casino, a sports betting house or a company. 

Affiliate Programs have become one of the most successful and important marketing strategies in the market because it helps to drive traffic to the website as well as sales or registrations to the site.

Tracking Affiliate Commissions has a number of advantages for both the affiliate and the operator, as it allows both sides to track precious and valuable information about the affiliate.

How it works?

Tracking Affiliate Commissions, as mentioned above, is a practice performed by affiliates through tracking affiliate software that have affiliate programs, specially when they are part of a huge number of different ones.

This way they can know in more detail the movements of their affiliates, such as the number of visits per day, the clicks which turn into conversions, the revenue they generate, etc. all of this through KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators.

To know this type of data, there are different tracking software that the operator can implement depending on the type of program that it offers to its affiliates, so they can get more accurate information.

This can pretty much work through a proprietary CRM for Affiliates or Stats Tracking Tool.

Web Cookies: What are they?

Web cookies take care of an extremely important part of affiliate marketing. They help websites to keep track of your online activities, and this helps affiliates to earn the commissions allocated to them.

But how is this possible? When the person clicks on the affiliate link, the cookie is recreated and stored in their browser for a certain amount of time, which can be 30 days or more. This means that if a visitor clicks on the link, the affiliate will be credited for the sale.

Advantages of Tracking Affiliate Software

Tracking affiliates has a number of advantages that should be taken into consideration when using this tool. Now let's mention below what are the positive points:

  • It allows the operator to know if the affiliate program is effective or not.
  • The affiliate can know his earnings and detailed information, so he can keep a better control if he is involved in different affiliate programs.
  • Know the results of each of the affiliates individually.

While these are the strengths of affiliate commission tracking, there are more advantages, such as knowing if the affiliate program you are employing needs improvement and exactly what you could do to make it more effective.

Importance of Tracking Affiliate Commissions

Why is Tracking Affiliate Software important?

If, for instance, you are an Affiliate Program Manager, It is always important to know the results and performance of your own program.

If you are a webmaster, you get to know if what you are using to generate traffic to your website is working or not, and this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it, so you can have all the necessary data at hand.

In addition, this saves a lot of time for the because depending on the software being used you can generate graphs, comparisons and provide all the important data about each conversion.

In addition to this, conversions are the main goal of every trader. Tracking allows a webmaster to understand which campaigns work best for his company, thus reducing costs and increasing revenue, which is a win-win situation.

Overview: Is it worth it?

As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is one of the most relevant and effective ways to generate revenue, it is also one of the fastest ways to attract customers to the website.

The most important thing about this type of marketing, like a casino affiliate tracking their biggest wins, is that the program uses the right strategy that is productive and can be used in the long term to generate revenue. But how do we know if it is working or not? By tracking affiliate commissions.

This tracking allows the operator to know if the strategy he is using is generating income or not, if he should change it, modify something or not. It also allows you to quantify conversions and reward the most successful affiliates.

In short, it is one of the best ways to know if the affiliate program is working, so it is highly recommended to use this tool.