Data Analysis Paralysisg

Imagine that you are on your computer and open Google Chrome with more than 10 tabs, with lots of programs running, including YouTube, and your computer freezes.

Well, this is because you have a lot of programs running, and your computer is overwhelmed with all the tasks to the point that it does not know what task to do first. This can happen to computers, laptops, smartphones, or any device, and if you are a Windows user, you can get the infamous blue screen of death.

If computers can get overwhelmed, imagine what working, analyzing data, having to talk to clients, edit videos, and more important tasks can do to you when doing all of this simultaneously.

You might freeze as if you were experiencing some sort of human blue screen of death, or in other words, you can get Data Analysis Paralysis.

But what exactly is Data Analysis Paralysis?

Data Analysis Paralysis is when a person that needs to do a task gets stuck or paralyzed by overthinking all possible solutions.

So this person does not do any work in minutes or even hours, so it is very important to recognize this problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

Many aspects can cause this paralysis, including a huge workload, a large number of variables and items to consider, deadlines, and more. Also, sentimental issues, money problems, or any other possible cause of stress can increase the possibility of Data Analysis Paralysis.

Keep in mind that Data Analysis Paralysis can happen not only to individuals, but to groups of people too.

For example, a small group of 3 software engineers is working on a code with an error, but they cannot find the solution due to overthinking the solutions.

And, for group leaders or project managers, we all know how Brook’s law works, right?

Sometimes just throwing more manpower at an issue actually makes things worse.

How to overcome Data Analysis Paralysis?

Frustration at work

We have to realize that any time or work lost due to this paralysis could lead to money losses, problems with clients, or worse.

That is why it is important to prevent this situation by all means possible, including the following recommendations:

Always have clear objectives

Sometimes we like to start a task without knowing where to stop or with what tools, information, data, software, or anything we will work with.

So, it is crucial to set objectives that can be done in separate hours of the day or as soon as you complete a task, start with another one.

Separate the work into tasks

Any workload can be separated into primary, secondary, and low-priority tasks, so you should focus on the primary objectives first and go from there.

By doing this, you will complete the most important tasks first, and if by any chance you can't work anymore for any reason, at least you have the important tasks done.

Delegate work

If you have a work team that works under you, don't hesitate to delegate tasks to them. Just provide them with all the necessary tools, training, apps, or other essential items that they may need to do the work.

Don't be afraid to delegate important tasks; however, if you don't have a work team under you, don't hesitate to ask for help from your colleagues, friends, or even your boss.

Be confident

You have to trust yourself and not second guess every action, task, image, or video that you do.

Sometimes it is important to double-check your work, but you should train yourself to do everything right the first time. This way, you will save a lot of time and be more confident.

Sometimes less is more

We recommend you "keep it simple". Having a lot of information, videos, pictures, or other data in your workspace, may do more harm than good.

So, it would help if you minimized all the apps you are not using and close all tabs and the programs you are not using at the moment that can simplify your vision at work.

Stay on top of everything

You should never stop learning, so you should study or take weekly courses about programming, web design, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, social media, or any other topic related to your work environment.

This way, you will be on top of your competition, and why not? On top of your colleagues, too.

Be a leader

In the case of a Data Analysis Paralysis of a group of people, if you know the answer or the solution to a problem, don't be afraid to speak up and lead the way.

Even if you are not the manager or the group leader, don't hesitate to solve the problem.

Use the proper tools

This may sound like a cliché, but we live in an era of infinite technologies, software, tools, apps, and more that can make our lives easier and better.

So depending on your work, try to find and use the proper tools and software. For example, if you are into the affiliate marketing business, we recommend you to use StatsDrone.

StatsDrone is a powerful tool that will help you save time by compiling all the essential information from the affiliate platforms in just one dashboard.

With the proper information right in your face, such as the best KPIs for Affiliates, you are sure to have everything you need to save time and effort and, specially, your mental strength.

Imagine that you have so much data that you have to compile from all of your Affiliate Programs that by the time you’re done, you already need to start from scratch.

Situations such as this will surely make you lose precious time and money, and StatsDrone helps you save up on exactly these two things, things that are practically commodities in this day and age.

Ask for help

Don't be shy and talk to your friends about this topic; search online about this paralysis, watch YouTube videos, and read the comments.

Also, you can read blogs and join social media groups that can help you with this problem or any other problems that you may have.