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Lnnkin is a user-friendly software for affiliate marketers, eCommerce business owners, and entrepreneurs looking to earn money online. This software allows you to access many essential variables such as IPs, user time, traffic conversion, country, and many more metrics you need.

Lnnkin allows you to have highly customizable short links within seconds after you log into your account. You can create your marketing strategies to improve your game and stay on top of the market.

With Lnnkin, you can have all the critical metrics that you need in real-time, plus you can create, monitor, optimize and automate many aspects of your marketing campaigns in just one place.

You can add Lnnkin to Google chrome for better performance. Still, the software is fully mobile-friendly. One of the best things about this software is that you can thoroughly test the premium features with a free trial for a limited time which is excellent since much similar software on their free versions doesn't have the premium features.

Ease of Use and Interface

From the moment you access your Lnnkin account you will realize that all features, tabs, metrics, graphics and other necessary data is where it is supposed to be. So you will have a great experience when working with it to the point that you will stick around for hours to check all the features each time you log in.

The interface is amicable; you should have no problems working on Lnnkin plus; as previously mentioned, there is a Google Chrome extension. Aside from that, there is a Firefox add-on that you can download for quicker access and better performance.

Lnnkin is also fully mobile-friendly, which means that you can use it from your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other mobile device with access to the internet. Which allows you to have access to your marketing campaigns anywhere at any time, 24/7.

A FAQ section on the main website allows you to check the most common questions; however, if you have any other doubts or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact the support team, which is eager to help you in no time.

Features Explained in More Details

Lnnkin Shortening Features

Lnnkin is an excellent solution for all affiliate marketers looking for software to manage, integrate, optimize, monitor, and automate their traffic and marketing campaigns. Lnnkin will provide you with many features, including the following ones:

  • Custom Domains: You can get branded links that will get you great results; with increased link CTR by creating branded short links with your own domains, you will strengthen your brand identity in no time.
  • Unlimited accessible short URLs: Get ready to have infinite short URLs because Lnnkin can provide you with all the short links that you can need.
  • Advanced Analytics: You can perfectly track all your short links, performance, and metrics such as device, country, browser, operating system, clicks, and many more important data that you need to know.
  • QR Code: Lnnkin is on the vanguard by offering you the chance to create your own downloadable QR code of your short links for offline marketing campaigns, which will redirect users to your final link by just scanning the QR code.

Pros & Cons

The Lnnkin tool offers you a great deal of features, but it also has some cons, so let's dig into some pros and cons.


  • Tons of great features
  • You can export reports and other data to Excel
  • Advanced metrics
  • Extension for Google chrome
  • Nothing to install
  • Free demo with premium features
  • Many plans available


  • Few banking options
  • No live chat support
  • English Only
  • It's not very popular among affiliate marketers

Pricing Plans

Lnnkin Gold Plans

Lnnkin offers you 6 plans and a free trial plan which will expire, but you can use the premium features, now lest list the characteristics of the plans:

Free Plan

The free plan has the following features:

  • Unlimited short links
  • Available domains: lnnkin.in
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 1,000
  • Click data storage: 2 days

Starter Plan

A starter plan is a good option for beginners and, for only $4.99, offers you:

  • Unlimited short links
  • Available domains: lnnkin.in
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 5,000
  • Click data storage: 7 days
  • Unlimited custom links

Pro Plan

The pro plan is for $9.99, and it offers you the following features:

  • API monthly limit: 5,000
  • API access rate: 1 link/sec
  • Custom domains: 1
  • Bulk links monthly limit: 2,500
  • Bulk links batch size: 50
  • Available domains: lnnk.in & lnnkin.co
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 25,000
  • Click data storage: 30 days
  • Users per account: 2
  • Unlimited short links
  • Unlimited custom links

Silver Plan

For $29.99 per month, the silver plan offers you:

  • Unlimited short links
  • Unlimited custom links
  • API monthly limit: 10,000
  • API access rate: 3 link/sec
  • Custom domains: 3
  • Bulk links monthly limit: 5,000
  • Bulk links batch size: 100
  • Available domains: lnnk.in & lnnkin.co
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 50,000
  • Click data storage: 60 days
  • Users per account: 2
  • Editable short links
  • Grouping short links
  • Password-protected links
  • Ad-free site

Gold Plan

This plan is for $59.99 has the best value, and it offers you:

  • Unlimited short links
  • Unlimited custom links
  • API monthly limit: 20,000
  • API access rate: 4 link/sec
  • Custom domains: 6
  • Bulk links monthly limit: 10,000
  • Bulk links batch size: 200
  • Available domains: lnnk.in & lnnkin.co
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 100,000
  • Click data storage: 90 days
  • Users per account: 5
  • Editable short links
  • Grouping short links
  • Password-protected links
  • Ad-free site

Platinum Plan

This one is more expensive than the gold plan since it is $149.99 per month, and it offers you

  • Unlimited short links
  • Unlimited custom links
  • API monthly limit: 50,000
  • API access rate: 5 link/sec
  • Custom domains: 15
  • Bulk links monthly limit: 25,000
  • Bulk links batch size: 500
  • Available domains: lnnk.in & lnnkin.co
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 250,000
  • Click data storage: 6 months
  • Users per account: 10
  • Editable short links
  • Grouping short links
  • Password-protected links
  • Ad-free site

Diamond Plan

This is the most expensive plan since it is for $299.99 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited short links
  • Unlimited custom links
  • API monthly limit: 100,000
  • API access rate: 6 link/sec
  • Custom domains: 30
  • Bulk links monthly limit: 25,000
  • Bulk links batch size: 500
  • Available domains: lnnk.in & lnnkin.co
  • Monthly clicks tracked: 500,000
  • Click data storage: 12 months
  • Users per account: 10
  • Editable short links
  • Grouping short links
  • Password-protected links
  • Ad-free site

What Is the Best Plan Available?

Lnnkin offers cheap but plentiful plans to help you solve all your problems, so we recommend you to use the gold plan for $59.99 per month, which has the best value in terms of features.

User Reviews and Ratings

Like many products, software, services, and goods, it is always a great idea to read about people that have used them in the past, so we have gathered some reviews about Lnnkin that we would like you to read about.

From crozdesk.com:

"Are you searching for a perfect URL shortening tool that fulfills all your requirements? Then, you must try Lnnkin once as it is a most advanced and trendy URL shortener service these days because of its unique and cool features like creating bulk short links for generating hundreds of short links in a few seconds. Other benefits are API access for creating short links for digital marketing campaigns and branded short link creation with the client's own branded domain for better user engagement. The tool also offers browser extensions for creating short links without visiting Lnnkin's website, thus saving a lot of time, monitoring short links performance with detailed clicks, data report, etc."

From Capterra.com:

"Lnnkin helps businesses with branded short links and is available with both free and paid plans. Lnnkin's most advanced features make it stand out from thousands of other URL shortening tools. Its API integration allows companies to automate the process of link shortening. Short links performance can be monitored with detailed clicks insights, and this data can be filtered by country, device, operating system, referrer, browser, etc."

From G2.com:

"Lnnkin is a freemium URL shortening tool that provides businesses with unique & branded short links along with analytics for the shortened links. Lnnkin's primary goal is to change how the web interacts with website links by providing safe short links which can be shared quickly and monitored through unique analytics algorithms. Additionally, we strive to make sure that companies get the exposure they really deserve.

Our strength is our innovative way of arising with short and unique URLs that replace long links without reducing their effectiveness. Are you looking to leverage the facility of quick links to enhance the brand identity of your business & boost conversions and sales? We've got you covered. Well, you do not need to believe us directly; just try our URL shortener service and see for yourself."

Is Lnnkin a Good Purchase?

Lnnkin can be a good asset for you; if you are looking for software to improve your traffic, integrate all your affiliate campaigns in one place, shorten links, and monitor all your data, then Lnnkin is an excellent choice. First, however, we have listed here some similar programs to Lnnkin:

  • Vene Dash: is an excellent software but expensive one that will allow you to get huge profits. However, it's fully mobile and user-friendly. You can be sure that this software will meet all requirements, so feel free to check it out.
  • Bitly: by using Bitly, you can access top-notch features such as shortening links, customer conversion, tracking all variables, checking the competition, and many more functions that can be integrated into one platform.
  • LinkTrackr: this software focuses on tracking, optimizing, integrating, and automatizing all your traffic and links for better performance in one place, a great choice indeed.

Lnnkin FAQ

What is Lnnkin?

Lnnkin is an excellent software for affiliate marketers and professionals looking for a tool to manage all their traffic, shorten their links, improve their conversion, have branded links and more.

What features does Lnnkin offer?

Lnnkin has many features, including branded links, advanced tracking, a user-friendly website, extensions, advanced analytics, and many more features.

What other apps does Lnnkin integrate with?

This platform can work with tons of APIs so, don't worry about that.

What would I use Lnnkin for?

You can use Lnnkin to track your visitors, have branded domains, manage your metrics, and many more functions.

Can I use Lnnkin on my smartphone?

Yes, you do not have to download anything since you can use Lnnkin on any device, including your smartphone and tablet.

Do I get access to detailed statistics?

Yes, Lnnkin will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly metrics about your new leads, locations, clicks, devices, and many other variables.

Is Lnnkin secure?

Your information is well protected, and also your links information is protected with HTTPS encryption and SSL security, so chill there is no problem with the safety.